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30 days of Instagram post ideas for Lash Artists

One of the questions I get on the daily from women who do lash extensions is "what do I post on social media? I feel so overwhelmed!" Guess what? It is totally overwhelming if you don't have a plan or you're not the kind of person who can work on the fly. For a long time, I would post in the moment whatever reflected my mood and I still do most of the time but theres something to be said about a well thought out post or just having an outline or a picture ready to go and if I'm being totally is a lot less stressful. 

I created 30 instagram post ideas for Lash Artists to take the stress out of "what to post". With this calendar you can move them around or go in order and even print and cross off as you go. The point is to give you a little structure and guidance so you can create more freely. Sometimes you just need another person's perspective to get past a creative road block. Whether you are a Lash Artist looking to get more clients or a Lash Artist growing a community of other Artists these ideas will help make interesting content (you'll definitely need good pictures, too but that's for another post)

A few of my favorites:

A video cleaning your lash extensions 

Your favorite service and eyelash product 

Tips for your clients 

You can't go wrong with education as long as you do it in a way that is genuine to you. For more in depth convos about social media and branding check out my podcast called Beauty Biz BFFs where we dive DEEP and help you get out of your head and into your business. 

I'd love to know if this helps xo




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David Ouyang - October 21, 2020

I worked for over 3 years and use IG over 1 year, that is very time consuming if you don’t use schedule programm, I am using tailwind, which is cheaper, so far, IG just bring me less than 10 new clients, Google works much better than IG.

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