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All Your Questions About Newsletters Answered

This week I asked you guys to send me your most burning business questions and an overwhelming number of them were about the same thing- newsletters. What should you put in them? How often do you send them? Etc. I totally understand the struggle because newsletters seem like a really big deal- only really legit businesses have newsletters! Today I'm gonna answer some of the most frequently asked questions and break down the newsletter process, as well as how I utilize newsletters, so it feels like a manageable marketing strategy you can easily apply to your business. 


  • Do you send monthly or weekly newsletters? Do you plan them out?

Yes! I sit down once a month and look at what I have going on and what I need to promote or want to talk about that month. I send one monthly newsletter called The Lash Edit, where I share some of my top business and lashing tips, one monthly email for my Tee Club subscribers with their freebies and exclusive discount code, I send a weekly email about the blog, and in between all of these I send emails about new collections and updates about my coaching calls. I stagger these out so I'm sending one email per week. If you're just getting started with newsletters, I suggest starting with one per month, then building up to a cadence that works for you (no more than once or twice a week- too often is not good either!). Keep your newsletters short and sweet- too much info can get messy and easily lost. Much like any other marketing strategy, this is something that you'll have to carefully curate but should be manageable for your business and lifestyle. It should be a tool, not a source of extra stress. 


  • What kind of info do you send in newsletters? I never know what to send. 

First, not to be too on the nose, but news! New products, services, sales, business updates, etc. Keep your customers in the loop. Second, think about some of your most frequently asked questions from clients. Things like aftercare, the correct order to apply products, how to make services last longer, etc. This is a great way to build a connection with your customers, and gives you an opportunity to plug products! You are the expert, and you have so many tips to share.  


  • How can we make newsletters stand out from blogs?

I love to use newsletters as an opportunity to be creative. I get to flex my graphic design muscles and create cool images in Canva that I plug into my newsletters. I love to make them feel cute and chic, and let the imagery do more of the talking. It's a fun opportunity to play with photos, fonts, colors, etc and really solidify your branding.


For more info on making graphics in Canva, check out this blog. For more on branding, check out this one


Hopefully these tips are helpful and empower you to start implementing your own newsletter! Let me know in the comments your top tips for sharing newsletters.




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