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Client & service menu tips you'll want to read

The other day I posted an Instagram reel (short video) about never underestimating your client's willingness to spend $$$ at their appointment. 

I got a ton of feedback on this and thought it deserved it's own mini podcast episode. If you like podcasts go give it a listen HERE

Here are the tips I shared in both for those that love to read :

  • Never underestimate your client's willingness to spend money at their appointment. *We have to stop fearing that they will say no and instead feel confident that they're ready to spend.
  • Never assume your client cant afford something *It is easier to stay comfortable and not offer that new product on your shelf. Why? Fear of rejection. *But what if you DID sell your client all the products you showed them and you doubled your ticket price?! Challenge yourself to try this with a few clients a week & keep track of your results. 
  • Remember that you are the PRO and that your voice and guidance matters when your client is booking a service with you. *If you know there is a better option for them, with better results, it's your responsibility to speak up!
  • When it comes to your service menu, make sure your prices feel good to you *There is nothing worse than doing a service and feeling like you want to be somewhere else simply because you undercharged. 
  • We all start somewhere but don't price so low that it will take years for you to get where you want to be. You want to be priced appropriately and that means factoring in your product cost, expenses and time. 

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