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How To Become Influential In Your Industry

I have to admit that it feels weird to think of myself as an "influencer". And while I consider myself a business owner first, it’s a fact that I became an influencer on Instagram because of my business. If I didn’t create DLL, I don’t know that I’d necessarily have a platform on social like I do now- but I’m so grateful for what it’s become because it holds so much more weight to me than ever before. Initially, my business was just about lash clothing. It was something that I was passionate about that had never been done before, but over the years my brand has become way more personal and the connections I make through messages, podcast episodes and blogs are what keeps me going more than anything else.

This might be a weird topic to cover on the blog, but I imagine someone reading this might be interested in how to become recognizable on Instagram or have a platform where you can make money beyond services. I wanted to break down a few very simple things I’ve done over the years to build my platform and community into something more than an online business.

1. TALK TO EVERYONE and give it away for free. I use social media as a major networking platform, and I gave away so much free info for YEARS. If you ask- I give it and still do. That was and is one of the ways I built my social media presence…helping others and sharing tips I know others need.

2. Find your thing. What sets you apart? Is there anything you feel you can share that’s new and different or that you could do better than someone else? Make sure to stay in a lane that you’re familiar with but sharing tips about something people in your niche industry need to know helps. Be you- it’s so exhausting trying to be someone else.

3. Be genuine. I really pride myself in getting along with everyone and being myself. I allow people to be themselves too and really can connect with all types of people. I don’t ever think I’m too cool for someone or better than anyone else. In fact, I see talent out there that puts mine to shame. Back to being genuine-people can feel when you’re being real. People like authenticity. This doesn’t mean every single person will connect to you but the right people will find you and love you. Show up for them.

4. Create good content. I didn’t go to school for content creation but I enjoy this side of my business the most because it’s a creative outlet for me. It’s also opened doors to a lot of opportunities I might not have been given if I wasn’t on social media. If it’s not your thing but you want to try, practice and show up. Find a way to share meaningful content every single day (best you can). You have to find that thing that people want more of and give them THAT. Also, be sure to snag my social media guide because it has 39 pages of tips that will help you with this.

5. Up your aesthetic game. I wish I didn’t have to say this but aesthetics matter on social media. Your content needs to be aesthetically pleasing and flow. It needs to keep people watching. This is all about knowing your audience and what they need and want from you…this takes some research!

6. Reach out to brands and pitch yourself but first (!!) Make yourself worth pitching, and be ready to tell them how they can benefit from working with you.
Brand partnerships are a two way street and you have to be confident in yourself and your business if you are reaching out to brands for products or collabs.

Check out the podcast for more tips on this or book a coaching call with me if you want to dive even deeper into this topic together. Be sure to also check out this blog on keeping IG stories interesting and this one on staying consistent on social media. 

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