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How to Pick the Right Tools for Lashing

Let's go back to basics today and talk tools for lashing. I get asked this a lot and I want to keep it simple but emphasize the importance of getting this piece of your business right. While the fluff and beautiful photos on IG might attract clients, you need to make sure you can walk the walk in that room and that requires good a** tools.

One of the things I've always loved about lashing is the ability to lash wherever with little supplies required. I used to lash my girlfriends on their beds or at hotels before going out and had one little carrying case that stored it all LOL. 

When I first started lashing, though it was still totally overwhelming, there were only about five major brands to pick from. So, with so many people selling lash tools and supplies online now... where do you start?

Word of mouth
All you have to do is ask and you will probably receive. The beauty of social media is easy access to "leaders" and "influencers" in the industry and that is something I LOVE about IG. So don't be afraid to reach out to a few people you consider trustworthy and make note of what they use or love.

Start small
If I have too many options I'll freak out and never choose, so start with no more than three different tweezers, lashes and adhesives and pick the ones you enjoy the most. Personally, I love the mix curl trays so you have them all on one tray until you can get an idea of the curls you use most (I used models in the beginning as test dummies and they gave me honest feedback. This is what friends and family are for).

Pay attention to your grip with your tweezers
They should pick up lashes WITH EASE. This takes practice but it could be you, it could be them, or both. Just keep practicing and getting familiar.

Pro tip: Look for brands that hand test their tweezers! 

Make sure your adhesive matches your speed
In the beginning, you will want to work with an adhesive that dries as quickly as you can move. This seems like common sense, but it's not because the most common struggle among artists, beyond getting more clients, is retention and I personally think it has a little to do with the adhesive not being right for your level of skill. 

A tip from one of our readers, Heidi Jensen, who's a Master Esthetician + Lash Artist and an EBL lashes PRO:

"I look for tweezers that have been hand tested. (For lashes) I tried a few mixed trays of different lash brands and found what I liked the best. What I looked for in the lashes was if they held their curl, how black they are, and if the volume lashes are easy to fan. Glue is all about your environment, trial and error until you find one you love and stick with it!”

As always, this is my own advice based on personal experiences and listening and taking note of other artist's tips and struggles through my online community. 

And if you're looking for more of my lashing must-haves, you can find them all here and my studio decor here!


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