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How to style your lash space on a budget + my favs linked

I get a ton of questions about decorating on a budget. Truthfully, I like to think I'm the Queen of working with what I have; re-arranging pieces to make them feel new and finding unique decor that's affordable. When I first decided to "start my own business" I knew decor was the last priority however when you look good you feel good...meaning when your space looks cute you definitely feel more confident about bringing clients in.  Here are some basic tips and links to pieces I love that will make your own space feel functional and cute.

+ Create a Pinterest board with your inspo and try and keep with the theme of your style. If you feel totally lost on this-check out my boards to get a feel of my vibe and see if any resonates with you.

+ Remove EVERYTHING from your current space and decide what is a keep, toss, donate. Starting with a clean slate is the best way to see what is essential for your space and what can go. 

+Think about the staple, show stopper items you have to have in order for the room to function FIRST. For a beauty space; a bed would be essential along with a large mirror for clients, a retail shelf that stands out, a place to store your supplies, seating, and a place for clients to store their sh*t. (linked below is everything I have) For me; it was a desk for two (knowing I would have someone working for me), comfy chairs, an organizer for all my lash supplies and a place to sit in the lobby area. I immediately set out to find these pieces ONLY.

+Stay on track with spending and only purchasing essentials first-this creates the foundation for the room which makes accessorizing so much easier!

+Accessorizing can make or break a space and I will always say less is more. Remember your focal points-retail and that comfy bed. Make sure your space feels inviting and not over-cluttered with tons of stuff. I like to use baskets for organizing/decor. 

+Frame any professional photo shoot images and create a photo wall that is inexpensive but takes up space when you can't afford to decorate. (I change mine out seasonally) and get my pictures printed from Social Print Studio

+Candles are everything but make sure it's a subtle scent. This candle is my ride or die so much so that I have them auto shipped LOL.

+Lastly-don't forget retail shelves that are open and make a statement. Adding textures like plants and vases can elevate your retail area and make it more inviting. When decorating ask yourself if you'd buy what you're selling. This always keeps me in check! 


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