Sometimes you just have to START.

I’m writing this as I head home from a 10 day trip to Italy and while I had such an amazing time, it really made me excited to come back to “work”. I honestly love what I do so much that I can get pretty obsessive and sometimes annoy myself. I had to force myself to check out the and having shitty phone service definitely helped with that. I remember leaving on a cruise in 2015 when I had literally just launched Lash+ Love Apparel and I woke up the night before to a giant panic attack. Leaving this time felt just as daunting but luckily no panic attack. Just a lot of nerves and lack of excitement right until I got on that F-ing flight to Rome! I think a lot of you can relate to that feeling of not having all your ducks in a row before a major event and feeling anxious. Leaving your business to run while your gone is SCARY. Leaving two is even scarier. (I should probably do a post on that but this is the first and I’m sticking to it.)

With that being said...all those nerves before leaving circled back to a nagging feeling I’ve had about blogging. I’ve always loved writing...English was my jam. I loved to journal and write poems and really enjoy reading. Well, jet lag is REAL and would keep me up for 3-4 hours at a time. I would lay in bed and run through blog topics in my head, how I would write them and what you would want to read.  At one point, I woke up and started spraying lavender hand sanitizer everywhere to shut my brain off. Side note: I suggest packing Melatonin, ear plugs, sleepy tea and whatever else you can get your hands on to get good sleep when traveling . 


So here I am, starting a blog. I think? I get asked a lot of questions from friends, clients, online customers and followers. I don’t want to just answer them, I want to connect and inspire through writing and more in depth responses. I want another creative outlet and something that you can look forward to reading. 




If you have any questions, email me or message me!