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The Best Lash Adhesives According to Top Lash Artists

I recently did a poll on Instagram asking what your favorite lash adhesives are and your answers did not disappoint! This list impressed me because there is a mixture of major lash brands we know and love and a ton of brands you might not be familiar with that are just as major. I think this list will be so useful and a great resource not only for any new lash artists looking for their ride-or-die adhesive but for veteran artists who might be ready to try something different.


I want anyone who reads this blog to learn something NEW and have it create opportunities for you stumble across a gold mine brand you didn't know existed - to have access to resources most of us have struggled to find up until now. I love to support lash artists and their businesses any way I can so I hope you find this useful!


And if you have another area of your business you're struggling with whether it be tools, what booking system to use, etc. leave me a comment and maybe I'll make it into a post! I do have quite a few topics covered like:


 The Most Mentioned Lash Adhesives in My IG Poll
(brands with a * were voted on multiple times!) 

1. **Borboleta Beauty (Go-To Adhesive)
2. **NovaLash Platinum Bond High Speed Adhesive
3. **Ruthie Belle Dark Matter Adhesive and Superbonder
4. SoCo Lashes Stay Awhile Glue
5. **Revolashion Omnia and Kaio Adhesive
6. LashBeePro Advanced Adhesive
7. Lash Stuff Black Diamond Adhesive
9. **MavenArtistry Phantom and Prism Adhesive
10. LashEyeCon - Super Glue
11. **Untamed Artistry Retention 
12. **Lash Lab Professional Liquid Gold
13. **LivBay Supplies - Magnetic and Mini Black Original, Megabond and Seal Deal
14. **Bella Lash Diamond
15. Diva Lashes Black Majesty
16. **LashBox LA Canada - Super Hero, Everlasting Volume EX, Invisible Genius
17. ***EBL - Magic Clear, X, and Grand Rapid
18. Formula Beaute
19. Bomb Diggity by Lash Bomb
20. Stella Lash Lover
21. Lost Artistry Lash - Quickie
22. Aw Lashes Pro - Unity Clear
23. **Lash Reality - Poker Face
24. Infinite Lash Products - Volume Plus Adhesive
25. Sugar Lash Pro - Naked and Signature Bond
26. Lash God Raq - Magical Bond and Invisibility Magical Bond
27. The Lash Collection - Expert Series
28. B.lashed - Brush On Lash Adhesive (for falsies not extensions!)
29. Paris Lash Academy - Pearl and Halo Adhesive
30. Lost Artist Lash - Bondage
31. Cammy Nguyen LLC - Like WTF Glue
32. **J Brand Beauty - Clear
33. Lash Out - Blackout Adhesive
34. Lash Affair by JP - Clear Connection and Love Potion
35. Lashes on Fleek - Clear Adhesive and Hulk Hold
36. Lux US Lashes
37. Lash Makers - Instant Bond
38. Lash Savvy - Clear Adhesive
39. Purli - Bare Necessities
40. Lash Affair by JP - True Love
41. Lash Essential
42. Lavish Lashes - Elite Bond



Sarah McAuley - November 1, 2022

I am a flight attendant and have lash extensions. With flying all the time my skin and lashes dry out often and my lash extensions fall off. What is a good glue that can handle the air changes and temp changes we flight attendants deal with

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