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How to be the best Lash Artist and why it has nothing to do with lashing

When I sat down to write this blog I thought of all the times I was in the treatment room and something would go wrong. I'd go to grab my adhesive and the nozzle would be stuck to the lid and at one point I cut the whole top off just to get in that bottle!

 The air conditioning stopped working in my lash studio one summer and it was 105 degrees in the VALLEY which feels like Palm Springs minus the pool and cocktails. People complained, my renters bitched and I bought 3 fans.

Think about your clients running late, showing up with a full face of makeup or NO lashes with absolutely no cares in the world because YOU GOT THIS, right? Inside you're like "no, no, I don't have this at all" but on the outside you've got to keep it together. Clients smell fear, they can FEEL fear and so to be the best Lash Artist you can be you need to be able to do these things REALLY WELL and these things will help you run a better lash business : 


Troubleshoot: Things can and will go wrong. If you don't have backup supplies or a plan B, your day can and will quickly go to sh*t. I've seen too many artists crumble when things are out of order, someone shows up late or they realize they don't have the tools they need. You need to be able to adjust quickly and also be flexible with how the day may go. Having boundaries and creating structure is important and vital for your business and will lower the percentage of you having melt downs but also...things happen. figure it out. Or ask me.

Take emotion out of it: I'm super sensitive by nature which is something most people don't know about me ( I cry a lot mostly happy tears!) and I've had to learn in business that nothing is personal. What makes this hard is we are constantly comforting our clients so business and personal can get meshed together. When it comes to critical feedback to better your business and your skillset; leave emotions at the door and be open to people disagreeing with you. When things go wrong; take a deep breathe and realize yes, Karen was late and didn't say sorry but let's just get her in and get her out and move on. (Also, tell Karen what your late policy is speaking of boundaries)

Connect with others: But don't be emotional ;) I think the #1 thing that has made me so successful is the ability to truly connect with people on a personal level. I can read people easily and know how to make them feel safe. I think this comes from growing up around a lot of adults but who knows. I will probably talk more about this on the blog because I think it is something overlooked by so many but I am confident that my business has thrived from human connection and less of me actually being a very skilled Lash Artist. My clients come to me because of how I make them feel and each one of them is special. My online customers feel the same (I think). I don't just sell things; I connect. 

Have confidence: You HAVE to believe in what you do and WHO YOU ARE. No one is buying what you're selling when you don't even know what you're selling or if it's even good. Confidence takes time and it starts with a lot of internal work if its not something that comes naturally for you. Therapy has truly helped me find an inner peace that complements my business. Do the dirty to work so that you can really like yourself. I can promise people will notice and you'll naturally attract the kind of clients you want in your life. This will push you to create the business for yourself and your lash clients which in turn will help when chaos or uncertainty creeps in (because it will)

Smile : All my life guys have told me I should "smile more". I kind of look back and laugh because I'm actually a very chill and happy person but just not overly bubbly. You can read my thoughts on my face and its something I work on a lot. What I will say is being happy with myself, career and the people in my life has helped immensely with this because when you're happy you just look different. It sounds simple but SMILE! When you walk around; make eye contact and look happy. What clients are going to go to some stone faced you know what? It can feel uncomfortable at first but let me tell you. You're in the SERVICE industry and this means you are SERVING people and need to do just that. Greet your clients with a genuine smile and ask them how their day was. 

Be the best Esthetician podcast here 

What are your thoughts? Do you agree?



Vari - April 13, 2020

Thank you thank you thank you! 💕

Courtney Summers - April 7, 2020

I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing. Love

Shekinah - March 2, 2020

This was so insightful. Thank you for this!

Alexis Santos - August 28, 2019

You’re genius🤩

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