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A no pressure checklist that will make you feel good.

Coming back from a week in Palm Desert I am making a promise to myself to TRY and stop putting so much pressure on myself to always be doing more in my business. Of course, it’s important to stay motivated but it’s also just as important to feel mentally strong and safe in your own home. This is MOST important before anything else. 

My biggest strength is also my weakness: my creativity and passion for work.
It causes me to work at all hours and never really be able to fully shut down. (As I type this I can hear the violins playing me a sob story LOL. )

I know you’re reading this shouting “me too!” because I’m pretty confident that you are a creative like me. Look, I’ve never preached overworking or hustling but I used to do both too much and lately I’ve been very into getting yourself to feel more relaxed within. This translates over into your business naturally and will have you feeling more calm and in control of your days. (Don’t quote me next week lol) 

My inability to slow down has a lot to do with my inability to meet myself in the middle. I am either as slow as a sloth or full speed ahead and there’s no in between. I work in bursts of energy but WISH so much that it wasn’t this way. (I’m working on this) 

 I’ve decided (this happened after I literally just sat by a pool and read two books and did NOTHING ELSE) that I DO enjoy the art of doing nothing and just need to rewire a little. It doesn’t have to be a rat race and if you keep yourself as organized as possible at home you will feel the rush to conquer the world in one day a little less. 

Here’s a no pressure list to help you get a little organized/on top of your home life and feel healthier and more relaxed without feeling overwhelmed. These are things that are JUST as important as your business.  If you can cross these off your list, you’ve had a nice and relaxing yet productive day...and then you can get to work. 


+ clean up your desktop 

+ organize your purse and get rid of duplicates 

+ fluff your couch pillows

+ browse Pinterest for fun ideas and inspo 

+ have one spot for your ideas/lists and write everything down always ! 

+ pick a book outside of your norm and follow through with reading it. 

+ color coordinate your closet. I just got home and did this and added it to the blog because it made me feel so much better looking at it so I know it will help you, too. 

+ get rid of old makeup 

+ try going makeup free for a day or two or three 

+ clean out your drawers + donate anything you don’t feel a deep love for. (I’ll never get rid of t -shirts) 

+ THERAPY. I don’t care how together you think you are ...therapy is such a life game changer. Nancy (my go-to) knows my insides and my struggles, she knows little things and major things. She is my outlet that keeps my mind healthy and constantly looking in towards myself instead of always reaching for others. I love learning about myself and how I can be better because I know I don’t know it all. Get yourself a Nancy ASAP. ( I’ll share my Nancy just email me ) 

+ make a healthy smoothie and pack lunches 

(my go-to is spinach, banana, pineapple or mango and a little almond milk + water plus all the seeds (chia, hemp, flax) and small portioned snacks like meats and cheeses, fruit, trail mix with a side of in -n -our animal style ;) 

+ put your phone away and know you can be productive without it. 

+get a workout in ! I never appreciated moving my body as much as I did after getting a disc replacement surgery and not being able to do anything for weeks. Moving and sweating is so good for mental health. I personally love Pilates ! 

If you’re reading this and you’re anything like me do yourself a favor and find happiness in the simplicity of life. It can be incredibly refreshing and relaxing and actually help you feel more motivated to work. 


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