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Hi, I’m Lorena. I like to call myself the creative mind behind Dear Lash+Love but first; I’m an Esthetician turned Lash Artist with a serious love for fashion…and documenting my morning coffee. After stumbling upon the lash and skincare world in 2012 and deciding to turn it into a career, I found a serious need for beauty inspired trendy and affordable clothing for women to wear ; something versatile that could be worn from day to night; in and out of the office and especially on the weekends lounging at home. What started as clothing evolved into a lifestyle brand (and a lash tee club) where I share how I have navigated through Beauty School, starting a business and turning it into a brand, how to decorate your space on a budget and so much more. Dear Lash + Love has now become a community full of women sporting lash swag + sharing their own tips with other Artists.

Dear Lash love is the hub for all things lashes, beauty and fashion through blogging and social media. It’s for every kind of woman; of any age; with any kind of style looking to get started; feel inspired; and look stylish while doing it because lashes are a lifestyle…