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3 Tips For Staying Consistent On Social Media

Social media is a huge part of my business and a major pain point for many of my coaching clients. So many of us are busy taking clients, managing the day-to-day of our businesses, and feel burnt out and overwhelmed by the thought of creating a consistent and exciting presence on social media. Today I wanted to share three tips that have helped me throughout the years when I'm feeling stuck, stressed, and spent (because yes, we ALL feel this way sometimes!)

Regular photo shoots. WHY- they get me in the mood creatively and really elevate my social media vibe and website. Once you’ve done a few you have a ton of photos you can spread out on all your platforms and use for the future. Check out more of my tips on photoshoots here.

Planning ahead: I have a loose schedule I follow and know what I need to post at this point, but identifying your audience and key brand values will really help you plan ahead with content. When I’m feeling inspired I roll with it and make a bunch of things I can share later (when I'm feeling maybe not so inspired). This is so important for anyone not super confident with creating social media content. 

Treat it like a job: Just like any other task, social media goes on my to do list and gets crossed off each day. Some days are more productive than others, but because I am the one creating my social content, I have to show up each day to market my own business. You either 1. Have a team to do this 2. Do it yourself 3. Don’t do it at all. I see the benefits to showing up and encourage you to do the same. Remember that your social media presence is a TOOL and an extension of your business, not something to be afraid of. 

*extra tip: Save Your Pennies—when I’m in the mood I build up my bank by saving a lot of “pennies” and dumping them in my “social piggy bank” . Basically when I know I’m in a good creative spot I’ll make what I can and save for later.  For reels—-this is a no brainer because you can’t just quickly whip out a reel and expect to create quality content.

I've spent the last year compiling all of my social media knowledge in one place, and I'm so excited to finally be bringing my first e-book A Beauty Industry Guide To Social Media to you guys soon! If you want to pre-order a limited edition physical copy of the book, you can purchase here

If you want to have some fun with social and have no clue where to start, join me and Abbi for our group social media call April 12th at 1 PM pst. These calls are amazing for anyone looking for a budget-friendly intro to coaching, and are great for networking with other beauty pros! 

You can also work with me one-on-one for a more in-depth, personalized approach to social media for your business and I’ll teach you everything I know :) Book here. 


Lastly, my biggest hope in bringing you these resources is that you feel encouraged and empowered to take on social media marketing in a way that feels manageable and FUN! Remember that you have a voice and unique perspective to share with the world and, most importantly, YOU GOT THIS! I'm here to help you out along the way :)




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