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3 Tips for Beauty Professionals

This week on the podcast I covered a lot of topics that I thought were important to put into a blog. I know some of you prefer to listen to a podcast episode over reading a blog but I enjoy writing and I know that there are a ton of you that also enjoy reading the blogs so I figured I would transcribe what I went over in the podcast to a blog post.

The main points of the podcast episode this week were: freeing up space and eliminating things in your business that just don’t serve you anymore, creating a virtual treatment room through social media platforms you enjoy, taking a minute when you need it and a ton of other things you’ll want to listen to if you can! 

First-Is there something that you have been feeling you don’t enjoy any longer, something that feels like a waste of time, a lingering feeling of needing to get rid of some thing? This could be your gut telling you it’s time to let go.

Sometimes we get caught up in offering “it all” and then realize that some of those things 1. Don’t make a ton of money 2. Aren’t enjoyable 3. Truly are a time waster

It’s important to pay attention to feelings like this that just don’t seem to go away… For me there were parts of my business I knew I wanted to let go of but truthfully, I was really scared of the what if’s and unknowns.

After finally pulling the plug on a few things- I feel relieved and excited for what’s to come. If you’ve been feeling this way, too, reach out to me! You’re not alone. 

Another major topic was creating content- It seems like all I’m talking about is content these days but the reason I do that is because I know there is a real need for someone like me to help women like you who can’t  necessarily create content with their eyes closed (like me)

Because I like it, enjoy it and know a lot about it I want to be your go-to resource for anything related to social media… so, with that being said, one of the things I shared on the podcast was all about creating a virtual treatment room on social media!

You’re probably wondering what this means and well, it’s something I actually made up.  If you look at your social media as an extension of your “treatment room” and a place to attract clients and customers you might learn to enjoy it a little bit more.

If you can translate your passion for beauty, skincare, lashes, waxing or whatever else you offer from in person to virtual through visuals and “how-tos” it can really attract the right type of clients for you. Instead of thinking of social media as this giant, scary beast-think of it as an intimate treatment room with just you and your clients. What would you talk about and share? 

Show up, share what you love and be yourself. 

Lastly, take a minute if you need it. If you can learn to better organize your time (best you can as a solo business owner) you will resist the urge to run away from social media platforms and tasks. Remember, you are in control of what you create and take on in your business. Trust your gut, always be you and take care of your clients, first. 


You can listen to episode 10 of the Dear Lash Love Diaries podcast here, where I go in more depth about these topics. 




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