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Photoshoot Tips To Elevate Your Business

I always tell my clients that professional photo shoots are the one thing that WILL take your business to the next level. This is a chance to capture images of you, your space, you working, products and any other key shots for your business/IG/website. You can reuse the photos for tons of different platforms, spread them out over a few months for consistent content, and really nail your aesthetic and vibe. Professional photos can really make a product pop and this is something you will want for your website. You can trickle these pro photos into your feed in between iPhone pictures and videos to elevate your feed. Budget for 1-2 a year to start (one during spring summer and one for fall/winter.) 

The photographer you hire can help you decide what to shoot and how to shoot it. If you can’t budget for a photo shoot just yet, don’t worry- know that the majority of pictures I share are all iPhone with good lighting and slight editing. I don't have time to do major fine tuning and neither do you. 


Before your first photoshoot, try out a few of these tips to get your business camera ready:

  • Create a mood board. Think of the colors, themes, and general aesthetic that you want to bring to your shoot. These should be in line with your brand colors and images, products you're featuring, and seasonality. My mood boards look different for each shoot, but they are always consistent to my brand imagery.
  • Write down a shot list. Create a list for yourself and the photographer of everything you want to get shots of that day. This will keep everyone organized and on track, and make sure you don't forget anything important!
  • Gather any wardrobe, props, etc - and bring extra! Make sure that you have these essentials gathered early. Reference your mood board when deciding on what to wear, what "background items" you'll need, etc. And always bring a few extra options! You never know when inspiration will strike for you or the photographer.
  • Hire a team you feel confident with. Whether you are going with a full on glam squad, stylist, and photography team, or trading services for photos with a photography student, make sure you've done your research and are confident that each team member can give you what you're looking for. You definitely don't want to end up with unusable photos because you didn't vet your crew. Making sure that you also feel comfortable and get along with everyone involved will make for a much more enjoyable shoot, and will allow creativity to flow between you guys and you'll end up with amazing shots you didn't even plan for! 
  • Lastly, have fun! Photoshoot days are my absolute favorite and the time I feel most inspired about my business. Whether you are in front of the camera or not, photoshoots allow you to get your creative juices flowing and let you think about how you want to present your business to the world. Don't let the concept of professional photography intimidate you, and have fun!!




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