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How To Get Your Business Prepped For Baby

As I get ready to welcome my second baby, I find myself going through a total nesting phase- for my business. As business owners, we have to think of our businesses just as much as our home lives (and many of us know that maternity leave just doesn't exist when you're flying solo in your business). I learned a lot about managing business and baby when Jude was born (namely that you really can't give your all to both at the same time), and I wanted to share the things that I'm doing in these last few week before I shift into mom-mode: 

1. Prepping all marketing content to go on auto pilot for 3 months. Example, blog posts, newsletters and social media content that is pre-done and ready to go. Anything that can be automated should be automated. 
With or without baby, these things should get automated so you have a clear marketing plan and can think ahead and plan for holidays, promos etc. 
2. Budget for help: find a babysitter, an extra set of hands, a body or anyone willing to help you. You will NEED IT. Even if it’s one day a week for you to be able to have back-up, I truly believe every Mom deserves this…working or not. 
3. What you cannot do in person, ramp up online. I don’t suggest launching a new product or business idea but you can put more focus into online sales while you’re at home and unable to take in person clients. I did this with my last baby and it’s why I am always talking about your business being setup online——for moments like this. 
4. Embrace the chaos and be present for your growing family. Honestly my best advice is to embrace the change, put down your phone (you honestly can’t type and hold a baby very well anyway) use the time during pregnancy to prep your business best you can, and then step back- because you’ll never get to enjoy this time again…but for my working Mamas who just can’t resist, I feel you-work makes me feel sane so do YOU. 
There is a season for nurturing, rest and growth and this applies to business and baby. :) 
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