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Getting Your Clients To Trust Another Esthetician

Recently I was chatting with another esthetician who needed to hand off some of her clients to her new employees. What exactly is the best way to go about this? It can be tricky because as a solo, your clients always want to book with you. I remember trying to hire other girls to take my clients and my clients would not budge- they wanted me. Your clients come to you for a reason! So how can you go about getting them to see someone else?

You have 2 options: keep at it with your employees, or decide your business is better solo, raise your prices and close your books.

If the goal is to hire employees and get them booked, it’s really a matter of making sure your employee complements your business. They might not be you but they can be better in different ways. It will be about time, building trust and gently pushing clients in the direction of other staff/making yourself unavailable.

You can also let go of forcing your current clients to make the switch and instead focus on a new type of client for your employee. Their idea of an ideal client could be totally different than yours and would allow for you bring in a variety of clients instead of just one that personally suits you. Remembering that your employees are not YOU is helpful when navigating this next phase of business. 

At the end of the day, if you need to at least try to get your clients to try someone new, I like to pitch it that they are getting an extension of you and that’s better than none of you (or having to go elsewhere)!

If you've had success in a similar situation- how did you handle it? Let me know in the comments below!



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