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Allowing Your Business To Evolve

One of the reasons that I’m confident I’ve created a business I love and am truly passionate about is my ability to adapt and allow my business to evolve as I do.

Over the years I’ve gone from esthetician, to lash artist, to spray tan artist, to designer, podcaster, blogger and content creator and mentor. Some may say “Whoah, thats a lot!” but to me it makes so much sense that my business has changed so much, because I have!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a solo business owner very closely connected to your business (like me) and have trouble separating yourself from your business. However, it’s almost impossible to not think your business won’t need a little switch-up (like you do) every now and then.

You can be consistent in your message and branding while allowing things to shift and grow.

Often we get stuck thinking our business needs to look like “x” to be successful. But what if you let go of those expectations for your business to be perfect or look a certain way? What if you allowed your business some breathing room to grow and change? You might notice you, and your business, are happier.

Try something new, allow your creativity to flow, let go of perfection and remember you are in charge- because your business is yours.


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