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How To Price Your Services

We have the ability to make big bucks in our industry- a fact that drew many of us (myself included) to a career in beauty in the first place. However, you have to show up every day as your best self in order to charge a lot for you services without your clients questioning your worth. 


A few important questions to ask yourself when pricing your service menu:

1. How much experience do you have? How many clients have you taken?

2. How many courses have you taken?

3. What does your space look like? Do you have a studio or work from home? Are you in a good/high traffic location?

4. What products are you using- are they high quality? If you are just starting out- you might be on a budget and should reflect that in your pricing.

5. Are you providing a luxury service- or a more affordable service without the bells and whistles? 

6. Do you know your labor cost + product cost? This will factor into pricing. 

7. Are you professional, punctual, and dressed to impress? Are you confident in the services you are providing?


Once you've answered the above questions, what you should be charging should become more clear. 


For more help and a customized breakdown of your pricing, you can book a call with me under the "business" option. 


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