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Time-Saving Tips for Posting on IG

So many of you ask how I stay on top of my IG posting, and as an outsider looking in, I’m sure it seems like I’m never not on my phone. Trust that I’ve gotten this down to a science (for the most part) and it's now just a part of my daily routine.

But the truth is, social media isn’t for everyone. Nor is it something all people want in their life 24/7. In fact, it became such a huge part of my life a bit by accident, but I've had to embrace that it’s a part of the brand I’ve built. Once I decided, or rather, realized, this was a huge part of my job, I started feeling less discouraged or drained by it. So first things first, decide if social media truly is a part of your brand. This day in age, TBH, it should play a role, but how big is up to you.

It also helps to have systems in place to help you manage the chaos. I’m less likely to feel overwhelmed about posting when I have a better idea of my week ahead. To break things down further though, here are a few tips that have helped make posting to IG easier for me while also doing it with more intention.

Schedule a week ahead
While this is MUCH easier said than done (at least for me) and I don't always follow this tip myself, having a simple calendar with things mapped out that I know I want to talk about makes things a lot less stressful when I feel completely unmotivated. This way when I know I need to get a post up, I can let the calendar guide me a bit because I usually have a backlog of ideas noted on it. I also keep things like when I should post a blog, send a newsletter etc. Would you guys be interested in learning more about content calendars? Let me know and maybe I'll dive more into it!

Switch it up
Content should be diverse! Pictures of your work, your space, a little about you, what you sell, tips and something fun and carefree. If you feel like you’ve been posting photo after photo of your work you probably have been and it’s time for a switch-up. Using platforms like Planoly or Later can help you plan out your IG feed visually so you'll be able to see how often you're posting all your different kinds of photos.

Be consistent
Pick YOUR consistency and hold yourself accountable. I don’t care if it’s 3 days or 5 days but make them count. Calendar it and set a goal to achieve it. So many of you ask about followers and growing your IG but in order to do this there also has to be something to follow and watch. Know what I mean? 

Make it count
Before you start posting, think about what you’re sharing and why. What’s the takeaway, what’s your point and what’s the purpose? I’m constantly asking myself if what I’m posting makes sense, is it watchable and interesting? At the very least you want to be sure you're either entertaining people or teaching them something with your content, so when in doubt, ask yourself if you're checking one of those boxes. Thinking before posting saves time and creates more meaningful posts. 

I know it can be overwhelming to be in control of your own schedule because no one is there to hold you accountable. Not to mention social media can seem totally intimidating, but if you can switch mental gears and decide that this is part of your business/brand, understand it is an important piece of the puzzle and use my tips, I think you’ll find more confidence in your posting and save time ! 

PS - I'd also recommend listening to this episode and this episode of my Beauty Biz BFF podcast for more on this front!


I'd love to know if this was helpful + if it was leave a comment here or comment on my latest IG post and let me know. 


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