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The Best Premades According To Lash Artists

Can I get an amen for pre-mades 🙌🏼
I struggled with volume when I was lashing and honestly just didn’t have the patience for it- insert quality pre-mades and you’ve got a happy lash artist that doesn’t have to kill her hands for hours.

To all the ladies who make their fans-more power to you, I think it is such a talent-I just love sharing that there is something for everyone and at any stage of your career. Below is my curated list of the top recommended lash brands that sell premades according to YOU-the Artist.  


    • Lash Reality
    • Untamed Artistry 
    • Beyoutiful Wandz
    • Lost Artistry
    • Lash Love Co.
    • Lash Affair 
    • Revolashion
    • Culture beauty studio 
    • Lash Base UK 
    • Lash Love Co Lashes 
    • LivBay Supplies 
    • Paris Lash Academy
    • J Brand Beauty


Drop your favorite premades or other lash hacks in the comments!



Exning - July 5, 2021

My favorite premades are Imperfection is beauty lashes, she’s super passionate about lash education and even has a premade workshop!

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