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Top 3 Questions I Get In My Coaching Calls

Most of you know that I offer one-on-one business coaching for those in the industry that might want a little more guidance on social media, product development, client retention, business strategy, or any of the other multitude of frustrating things that come with being a business owner and navigating a very competitive industry. I love to connect with other entrepreneurs and am so passionate about sharing the knowledge I've gained after so many years in business. I often see women coming to me with the same pain points, so I wanted to share those today in hopes that it might help or inspire some of you that are struggling with the same things! 


1. How the f*ck am I supposed to manage social media while taking clients all day?! 

First of all, I just want to say that I totally understand the struggle. For most of us, that is not what we went to school for and the thought of maintaining an active  social media account on top of our already crazy schedules feels overwhelming. But the reality of today's world is that you need some kind of social media presence in order to attract clients. My top tips for making social media feel like less of a beast are:

  • Create a bunch of content at once and save it for later
  • Schedule posts ahead of time using apps like Later
  • Keep an eye out for my tell-all social media guide coming this fall, this will break down all the aspects of social and give you step-by-step instructions for making it easy to promote yourself and your business. Sign up for my newsletter here for updates.

2. How do I figure out what my brand is, beyond just my business?

Think about the things that make your business unique, the reasons why your clients come to YOU over the hundreds of other service providers, and the ways that you bring your own personality into your business. Make a list of the feeling that these bring you. From there- brainstorm the colors, images, and general vibes that this feeling evokes, and keep these in mind with everything you do in your business. A brand is all about bringing people and feelings into your business. For more info on branding check out this blog

3. I'm feeling generally lost and burnt out in my business- what do I do? 

Before starting anything in your business having a clear WHY will help you when you feel lost, unorganized, stressed or just unclear about what to do next. Your why is your purpose and essential to the wellness and longevity of your business. I want you to think about your passions in and out of your treatment room. I want you to remember why you got into this industry and write it down...right now. Get to know yourself and your business before moving forward with anything else. It’s so easy to rush out of school and immediately into a job, then to rush that process and start your own business without thinking about why you want any of this and what your plan is for business. If you've got your why down and are still struggling, feel free to book a coaching call with me and we can figure it out together. 


I hope these answers are helpful and empower you to take charge of your business!




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