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Why I Decided To Podcast Again + Tips To Start Your Own

It's been 10 months since my last podcast ended and I took some much needed time to reflect on this part of my business and whether I'd like to continue a podcast on my own. (If you aren't caught up- my last one ended abruptly and while I had no say over this, it allowed me to refocus on my own business and personal life which I'm so grateful for).


I wanted to make sure before just jumping into podcasting own my own, that I 1. really wanted to do this again, 2. was emotionally ready and 3. was very clear about what I would be sharing and how often.


Instead of doing things on a whim now, I really enjoy working out the process in my head and organizing my thoughts before executing. The first 2-3 years of my business were definitely more fly by the seat of my pants style (which to be fair, was so fun) whereas now, I'm slower to move but with more intention- and I'm totally ok with that. 


So many of you have shared with me that you, too, would like to start your own podcast- so I'll share a few tips that helped me get started with my own:

First think about why you want to podcast and write it all down. 

Ask yourself:

  • What will you talk about/what will be the style?
  • Do you have potential listeners or are you willing to start from ground zero?
  • What is the intention of your podcast?
  • Where and how will you promote this podcast?
  • How often will you record?
  • Do you like the sound of your own voice? LOL


Make sure you are organized and have a plan of attack for starting and keeping up with your podcast.

Don't go into it thinking you'll make money.

Make sure there is true passion behind the topics you cover.

Pick a niche! Figure out what will make you stand out from the millions of existing podcasts.

With that being said-think smaller. Can you podcast to brand your business and provide more education for your clients instead of trying to create a podcast for a new demographic ?

Don't do it simply because everyone else is doing it.

Try blogging and newsletters to get your feet wet in talking to your audience and ease into podcasting.

Batch record episodes so you are always ahead and maintaining your schedule doesn't feel overwhelming.

Remember to think about equipment, where you will host the podcast and other back end things audio, editing etc.


Lastly, don't feel overwhelmed. Remember that as beauty professionals we have so much to share with the world and truly have the inside scoop. Think of your podcast as an extension of your business, make sure you are fully prepared, utilize the above tips, and it will come easier. 

Listen to the trailer for my podcast here (If you’re catching up it may already be live and you can also listen here, too! )


Hope this helps xx



Candice - August 31, 2021

I was so sad when the last podcast ended so abruptly. However I am so excited to see where this new chapter takes you and how much you’ll grow as a person and business.

Barbara - August 16, 2021

I can not wait to you start your own podcast!!!

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