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Working Mom Tips For Beauty Professionals

After seven months with my daughter, I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting back into my work groove. Although my work-life balance looks nothing like it did pre-baby, I feel like I'm getting the hang of juggling the two (some days more than others tbh). Today I wanted to share with you all some of the things I've implemented into my work routine that have helped me feel a little more like myself, or at least like I can handle whatever the day throws my way! 

Eat whenever and however you can——buy snacks that make you happy and always keep them on hand. 

Set alarms—-not only do I write everything down now but I also set an alarm for certain tasks——unlike your Google calendar that chimes once-an alarm keeps going until you shut it off. This has helped me a ton with time management. 

Cut your to do list in half then cut it down again—- bite sized micro goals in the beginning ——allow yourself time to enjoy being a mom best you can. 

Seriously sit down and budget child care. Can you make it happen even a few days a week? Can you hire a friend or call on a family member? 

Get outside—-it can be hard to leave the house or work when you’re in the zone but take a breath, get out of your treatment room and walk around. Clear your head. 

Have two of everything that you love and keep one bag at home and one at work. I’m talking your go to lip gloss, brush, makeup etc. This is such a time saver when trying to get out the door on hectic mornings. 

Keep in communication with your clients and be realistic about the work load you can take on. Better to start slow than to ramp up and burn out. 

Ask for help—-hire a freelancer to do some tedious work you want no part of. 

Take less clients and lean into selling products so you can up that average client $$. Find ways to make more money while you’re with clients like retail and add-ons. More $$ + same amount of time with each client = win win. Read more on this topic here. 

Know that you are still you, you can still be you—-things just may look a little different (figuratively and literally speaking). As hard as it may be for some (and this one was very hard for me) sit back and embrace what change may come from your business and know that piling a bunch of sh*t on your plate will lead to disaster. Try not to obsess about the what ifs and what’s not. 


Working moms, drop your best go-to tips in the comments below! Be sure to also check out this blog on baby-proofing your business


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