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4 Things That Will Help You Create Your Dream Schedule

This week on the podcast I talked about living a more effortless life- working from anywhere, creating your dream schedule, prioritizing the essentials and keeping the rest simple. On the blog today, I wanted to share some tangible tips that I've used to put this practice to work in my own life. Changing your schedule can be scary especially when you work in the beauty industry and more importantly the “service” industry …the money is addicting and the rat race can sometimes become habitual but these are things I did leading up to having my Daughter because I knew I wouldn’t be able to it all and my tastes, priorities and goals changed, too so my business needed to reflect that for me to keep going. 

Here are a few key things that I did to make changes in my business that I know will help those that are reading this.

1. Sat down and got clear about my personal/business budget/what I was spending and what I needed to make

2. Eliminated the low hanging fruit (the things that were tedious/not making a ton of money and drained me

3. Decided my happiness and personal life > anything else. 

4. Made a decision to cut my schedule no matter the outcome. This meant disappointing clients, saying no to certain events and opportunities I always said yes to before. 

Change is scary and the what ifs can be crippling but what I will say based on personal experiences is that making these changes is a great thing it’s just totally terrifying at the beginning. Do I love money? Absolutely. But doing these four things above allowed me to be truly be happy in every aspect of my life not just financially.


A last minute thought, too. When I cut back my schedule and really got down to the essentials I realized what I actually needed versus what I was just spending out of a want. I was actually able to focus and be more intentional with my spending habits as a result of cutting my schedule…


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Erica - June 28, 2022

I’ve been considering dropping one of my 4 days recently and I keep seeing signs that it’s the right choice. It just is cringe to think about only working 3 days a week. After trying it out a few weeks, I can see that nothing really changes on the business side other than I get an extra day off. The amount of money I bring home will stay the same and it will increase my productivity and demand for services to be booked out 2-3 in advance.

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