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Focusing On A Few Good Things And Doing Them Well

When I first dipped my toe into the beauty industry, I started out doing literally everything. I initially went to school for skincare- i loved products and it seemed like a fun gig.
I knew absolutely nothing about lashes at the time, in 2012 they didn't exist in my world. Once i stumbled into doing lashes, i fell in love with the money I could make. I also liked that it was repetitive and tedious, it felt almost meditative. I was working somewhere where the owner was only focused on skincare, so I felt it was in my best interest to offer something complimentary, like lash extensions.  From there I made the decision to switch from skin to lashes. I still dabbled in everything else brow waxing, spray tans, facials, etc but eventually decided I needed to focus on one thing. I was spreading myself too thin when I could have been focusing my time and energy into being my best self at one thing.
When I later decided to start creating my tees, while i wanted to create shirts for everyone i knew it would be better to focus on one thing. I kept my tees and the subscriptions focused solely on lash artists (but eventually branched out into skincare tees and sweatshirts this year!).
Essentially- you can do anything but you can't do everything. Taking things off your plate, whether that looks like focusing on fewer specialties or hiring someone to help with the day-to-day, will make you better and more successful.
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