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How I Organize My Week + Productivity Tips

I wish I could say I'm a rule follower but I'm not. My weeks change right along with my mood and my schedule tends to do the same. I do keep a few solid things in mind and have go-tos I never stray from though and this keeps me organized when I feel the train falling off the track LOL.

If you're reading this, you're probably a beauty professional taking clients and managing yourself and possibly a team or multi-tasking and taking clients while working on your business (inventory, emails, social media, etc.) and let me just remind you first that what you have on your plate is A TON, so let's find a way to make this show run as smoothly as possible, shall we?

Prep what you can
To run your biz like a well oiled machine you need to be one yourself and this includes fueling up. On Sundays I pack my lunch and water bottle and anything else I need for the day. Shit, I'll even lay out an outfit. Whatever prep I can do to avoid for the morning, I will. This way you're only to-do is to get ready (and feed the kids if you have them).

Know your schedule to avoid getting overwhelmed
I always look at my schedule one week ahead. This means I simply LOOK at it...I don't try and start attacking it. It gives me a visual and helps me organize the next few days, which is what I really want to stay focused on. Looking at your week will help you determine and see where you need to fill in the gaps: do clients need to be called, do appointments need to be booked, is there an empty slot for cleaning your work space or a day that you notice is open that you can block for some creative time? Start looking ahead so right in front of you feels less daunting. 

List out your tasks
I swear by Google tasks!! You can make categories for your home, office, clients, etc. It shows up on the side panel of your emails and you can also download the app. I list out every single damn task and check it off once I'm done. You can also view the entire list to see how much you've accomplished. So, here's a look at my typical Monday and how I set up my tasks:

+ I get to my office and FIRST pound water, drink a coffee and eat a snack THEN start listing all the MUST-DOS on my Google list in each category. If you're an artist, you can create one for clients, admin work, social media, etc.

+ I then move my tasks around in order of importance and set dates for them so they show up on my calendar during the week. Today for example, I HAD to review my website - nothing else could get done before this and this is the hard part - actually having the self control and discipline to follow your list.

Focus on one task at a time
This includes when you're taking clients! Be sure to give them all of you. I know it's so hard when you're thinking about what to post on social media while doing lashes or giving a facial but your brain will thank you. The thing I regret while taking clients was always rushing to the next and not enjoying more of the time with them. Light those candles, put on their favorite playlist and give them grade-A service and don't forget to offer retail, up-sell, pre-book and make their appointment one-of-a-kind. Once you're done with your clients, then move to the next to-do. This is where planning your week will help because it will show you when you are booked and when you will have time to share on social media (because both are important).

Create specific time for social media
Speaking of social media, I'll break down my best tips that are great for when you are BUSY AF. First, on Sunday, check your calendar and write out 2-3 IG story ideas for each day at the top of your schedule and 1 idea for your in-feed post. When you get to work that day, give yourself 15-30 mins to create those stories.

Here's an example:

1. Capture your lash/skincare routine in a 15 second clip

2. Get to work and show off your clean set up and candle lit

3. A client before + after

So, in the morning you'll film that clip and save it and go about your morning (don't waste time posting now) then you get to work early and set up your station and snap how cute it looks and save. You then take 10-15 min tops and post these with a simple caption and begin taking clients. Ask your client for a before clip and save it. Then, take your client and get an after and also save it. Go about your day and then set aside another 10 mins to post. This is how you efficiently use social media without interrupting your day. 

Assign reoccurring to-dos
Lastly, I assign reoccurring to-dos to different days and keep things together that require the same kind of brain power. For example, on Monday I always map out my weeks ahead and strategize and write blogs. Wednesday my blogs go live so I know Tuesday I want to promote it. Wednesday and Thursday are coaching days and I give my full attention to my clients during that time. Friday is my free-for-all day where I can work from home and do my own thing.

For those of you that take clients, your last day would be a good time to re-cap your week and check inventory, your sales, your clients and just wrap up all that you did and don't forget to check your lists and see all the things you actually tackled. Cut yourself more slack, and remember, unless you have a large team, it's impossible to do it all so don't even try to. :)

PS - This post is a MAJOR look at what I share on my coaching calls so if you want more of this, book one with me so we can dig in together!! 



Andrea - May 10, 2021

Thanks for this advice! I am taking my business full time in July, leaving behind my traditional 9-5 job. Very nerve wracking, but tips like this help amp me up even more!

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