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Beauty Industry Jobs You Might Not Have Thought Of

I recorded a podcast episode all about job opportunities that can come from working in the beauty industry, but realized having it in list form might be helpful for those who are readers!

I like to say that I stumbled into this industry, and have since dabbled in a little bit of everything from facials and waxing, to spray tans, content creation and public speaking.

I truly never saw any of these things as something I’d do to make money, but here I am doing it and hopefully it’s reassuring to hear someone else’s story that doesn’t sound like the rest.

The reason why I decided to give this industry a shot was because 1. I mean, who doesn’t love beauty 2. Flexibility 3. I didn’t see myself working a textbook 9-5, and didn’t want to work in an industry of early risers lol.

Maybe this sounds like a ridiculous reason to choose a career path but at 27 with no college degree, I knew I didn’t have it in me to finish school but could commit to a 6 month program of some sort and found beauty to make the most sense. (And to be honest I almost dropped out a few times and barely graduated- not even because I was failing,I’ve always been great in school I just hated showing up lol) If you want to hear my full story, go listen to this podcast

I want to break down all the things you can do that maybe you never thought about doing (and I’ll slip in things I thought about pursuing but never did!)

Esthetician- for a company or independently 

Waxer- for a company or independently 

Specialize in brows- for a company or independently

Lash Artist- for a company or independently

Educator in any of the above fields

Salon Owner- what I thought I’d do, and I guess kind of did? Just not how imagined a salon ownership to look like

Spray tanning- I also wanted to open my own spray tanning salon, and I guess I also kind of did? But again- didn’t look like what I thought it would look like.

Makeup Artist/hair stylist etc

Ok more creatively:

Someone’s creative director for their brand- Maybe you have the beauty background but are looking to get out of doing services and have a creative eye. A lot of women in our industry need help!

Social media- Hear me out. Tons of women need help with this and few truly enjoy it. If you like it, this could be your thing.

Store front or online store- You can have a business solely online. If you’ve got an eye for merchandising, design, are creative and can run it all- go for it.

Personal assistance/admin/marketing/someone’s right hand woman- Similar to what Abbi does for me, if you gravitate more toward the behind the scenes work of running a business or brand, if you're more practical than creative, if you have an eye for strategy- this could be an option for you. 

Accountant- Are you good with numbers? Having a beauty background and also being good with numbers is something to be proud of. You could help tons of women with their budgeting or taxes.

There’s tons of opportunities for help with beauty brands, tradeshows, branding, numbers, but even thinking smaller- women who own their own businesses and need help RUNNING THEM.

All of these things can also lead to public speaking, education, a successful online platform and more. Currently, I’d say my main source of income comes from coaching, consulting, website design and my shirt club. It used to come from taking clients full time. I never would have thought I’d be doing what I do now, but it’s been exciting to see where the trail leads me. I hope this gives you motivation to be open to all parts of the industry and soak in every experience- good or bad! 


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