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My Glazed Donut Skin Routine & 3 Tips For Confidently Sharing Your Own Routine On Your Social Media

I got a ton of questions about my skin in this photo from the other day (and a few wondering if I got Botox!) It’s all good skincare, a fresh brow wax and a simple makeup routine. We all know the glazed donut look has been trending this summer (I even had to make it into a tee!). While everyone has their own variation of the look, today I wanted to share the go-to recipe I've perfected with the products I have at home. Follow this link to shop them all, and keep reading for some of my tips on sharing the glazed donut trend with your clients and IG followers.
I start the look with my ride or die Image Skincare products- I Mask hydrating sheet mask, Vital C enzyme mask, Ageless HA serum, Image MD restoring lip enhancer, and my very favorite Oromedic Lip Enhancement complex. You can tap the image above to shop, and use my code DEARLASHLOVE15 to save! 
Post-skincare, I layer on my favorite Ilia Beauty products (including their Skin Tint and Limitless Mascara) and Merit Beauty Flush and Bronze Balm. I shape my brows with Bae Brow wax and voila- an effortless makeup look that'll leave people wondering if you got work done 😂
If you want to share your own routine, keep these tips in mind:
Film, write out or document your morning and nighttime routine. Because it’s something you routinely do——it’s not adding an extra “to do” to your already busy day. 
Share the exact same information on a blog on your website- a blog is so important for building a complete brand or business. I blog once a week- but choose the schedule you know you can commit to. 
Focus on products you sell, brands you’d like to work with (beauty pros——we know our stuff! Tag brands in your content so they can see what you’re up to! You never know what kind of partnership could come from it—-this is how I got to know Image Skincare).
*I know you already share so much in your day-to-day work life with clients- so if you can take a bit of that and sprinkle it across your social media, website or newsletter you’ll be using everything you know and putting it in all the places people consume content! This is marketing ;) 
If you feel lost or like you're needing a little more help figuring out how to bring your treatment room experience to IG or your website, you can book a one-on-one coaching call with me here

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