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How to get your weekends back if you're used to the Saturday grind

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Choosing to slowly work less Saturdays happened when I started enjoying things outside of work and prioritized having weekends to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, it was so scary because I made so much money on Saturdays. I made a choice, though, that I’d figure out a way to make $$ elsewhere/work a longer day during the week OR be ok with making less money and just spending less overall. Before I did this, I had to really get my finances in order. I know a lot of you are burnt out from working weekends-I get it. I worked them from my first job until I was 34! I just wanted to feel like I had a“normal” schedule and I knew I eventually wanted to be home one day for my kids! If you’re feeling like this—- know that it can be done. It will be hard, but worth it if it’s what you want.

A few things you can do now to start:

Start with one Saturday you will free up. Maybe this means one weekend a month to start. I bet you already do this without thinking for the occasional Birthday or holiday. Close your eyes and make it happen. 

Adjust your weekly schedule. Look at your week as a whole, and figure out where you can make up your time. 

Check your finances—-what can you cut to get your Saturdays back? When I sat down and looked at what I was spending, I realized I could pull back on online shopping and trade it for a pool day in the backyard...was it worth it? I love online shopping so TBD.

Find someone who can help you with excess clients. If that’s not for you, then accept that you will have to let go of some clients and people may be left disappointed. 


Finally- accept that the change might be hard, but remember that making time for your self and your loved ones is just as important as your career. For more on ways that I've managed my own burnout, check out this blog on raising prices and this one on creating your dream schedule.


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