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The Printer I Use For My Online Shop

I get a lot of questions about running an online shop- but more specifically, what printer I use! So here it is, short & sweet…no fluff. 
Whether you print 1 label or 1000, having a good printer is a game changer. I’ll save the story about the time I used to hand write my shipping labels and print from multiple computers for another time. 🙃
Everything is linked in my Amazon shop and specific products are linked below: 


And more fun office stuff:



Thinking about selling products online, but need help? Book this call with me, fill out a short questionnaire, and we can get you started! If you need a website, you can email us here & we’d be happy to chat with you about how we can help you ! 
After tons of trial & error and years in the e-commerce industry- I’ve got you. 

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