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Snack Ideas For Busy Estheticians

This is random but since I've been creating bento box style snacks for my Daughter lately (she's not even 2 and eats better than me) I thought I should do the same for myself and quickly realized how much fun it is to eat like a small child. 

One thing i've learned as a busy esthetician is the importance of eating. Not only is it fuel for your mind & makes you WAY less likely to get annoyed by your clients;)

Here are my recent go-to bento box snack/lunch ideas & everything I pack my snacks in from Amazon. 

Yogurt bento box: Berries, granola, chia seeds, yogurt base

Meditteranean bento box: Cucumbers, tomatos, olives, feta, hummus & pita

Starbucks bento box: Hardboiled egg, sliced apples, peanut butter, carrots & chocolate covered raisins.

Meat & cheese bento box: Salami, brie or cheddar, honey, apples & nut thin crackers

Candy bento box (for fun): Chocolate covered raisins, Trader Joe's chocolate mints, gummy bears, cashews (for protein)

These are my absolute favorite bento boxes that I use DAILY. 

Blush Silicone Bento Box

Plastic Bento Boxes (4-pack)

Glass Meal Prep Containers



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