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Motherhood & business: Time batching

Motherhood & business ———This week my focus was to keep us busy & keep my phone away. I set aside specific hours for working and put the phone away while playing! It can be hard because I have this constant feeling of never feeling “done” with something-I’m so used to doing MORE MORE MORE—there is ALWAYS some sort of work I can be doing—-and it’s habit to look at my phone or check an email-it will never end unless I end it. Can you relate? Do you struggle with this? I’m right there with you but I’ve found I am actually so much more productive when I give myself time limits and also times I do not touch my phone.

I set alarms and timers and make myself stop and it actually forces me to work faster & more efficiently. Anyone have any tricks they do for this-I hope this mini blog makes you feel like we’re in it together xx 


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