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The Perks Of Being Your Own Boss

A few months ago on my Instagram I asked you guys your favorite thing about being your own boss. One thing that initially really drew me to this industry was the flexibility and freedom that comes with being a business owner. I don't have to answer to anyone, I can work when I want, and I have total creative freedom over my brand. Of course, there are struggles that come with being your own boss (such as never really feeling like I'm off the clock!), but we are so fortunate in our industry that the pros typically outweigh the cons. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite responses that I received on IG in the hope that when we're feeling overwhelmed or exhausted with managing our own businesses, we can look at these and remember how amazing it is to not have to answer to anyone but ourselves!

  • @lk_esthetics_ - I love calling the shots, I do things my way and my failure or success is totally dependent on me. It’s so rewarding and empowering! 
  • @rachaesthetician - Yes to the creative freedom! But also working less, and still making more. Allows me more time with my family 🥰
  • @_lelyyyyyyyyyy - being able to have my own creative space/vibe and definitely making my own schedule and deciding when I need a vacation
  • @victoriabarrett.lashes - Deciding who I work with, not asking permission for the days I want off, I may be always 'on the clock' being a business owner but nothing beats having the feeling of having control over what you want to do and how you want to do it instead of someone else telling you what to do.
  • @beautylabskincare - Having the freedom to make your own decisions within your business 🙌🏻✨


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