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10 IG Ideas for Anyone in the Beauty Industry

I’m usually an "on the fly" kind of girl. Whether it's work or personal, I generally don’t like being told what to do or when to do it, however, I do like a good list! Because of this mindset, for the most part, I share content in-the-moment while I'm working, and as things come to me. But for blog posts, newsletters and some IG posts I do like to have a list of ideas on-hand for those days when I'm totally uninspired and not in the mood to post, write or share on social media (read this post for more on that topic). I don’t believe that social media should run your life, but I do think you can make it work for you by getting just a little bit organized and making it a priority for your business. 

When laying out my ideas and planning content, I like to look at my week as a 5-day schedule and think about what I want to share, what’s happening in the beauty world and consider things like holidays, sales, etc. I plug any of those into my content calendar and then have a list of running ideas to share. This way I have a loose schedule to follow, but mainly ideas to reference as I post throughout the week.

To help get you started with your own content, I created a quick list of ideas you can use for any industry! These ideas can easily be used to create social media AND blog posts, so whether you're looking to build out your IG or your blog, you have a stepping off point!

Introduce yourself (over and over again) you can do this every few weeks with a different twist

A service you specialize in with a photo of your face (so important to put your face out there)

A product you sell and why you love it/you using it or showing it in action 

Fun fact/personal quirk about yourself

Lash/hair/nail/skin (or whatever your industry is) hack 

Behind the scenes 

How people can find out more about you and where they can book your services/buy your product

Client review/picture of a happy client with a testimonial 

Something helpful that ties into your business 

Break down of ONE service + what it does, what’s involved and how to prep for it 

HOT TIP:  Share something unrelated to business but will still flow and make sense for your brand. For instance: I love sharing collagen coffee on my IG and always share my recipe. I like to share not ONLY biz stuff because how boring is that? When it comes to sharing this kind of stuff I love IG Stories! What helps me is starting on Stories in the morning and ending in the evening so it is a “walk through my day” kind of feel.

Commit to this for 5 days and see how it feels. You can even use this list every week and swap out what you’re talking about, just remember to simplify everything so it's easy to understand from the consumer perspective.

THEN, you can then turn around and use this same info for a blog post or newsletter but more on that next week!

If you want more tips like this listen to this Beauty Biz Bffs episode with some good ones! 



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