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5 Questions I Get on Repeat About Building a Lash and Beauty Brand

Since I started opening up my social media for questions from you all, I've kept track of the ones I see the most of. And because so many of you are asking the same questions, I figured I'd answer some of them here. I do want to say first though that these answers are only what has worked for me and just my opinions. Take what you like, replace what you don't and always do YOU. After all, being YOU is your greatest power and asset.

OK, let's dive in.

QUESTION 1: "I want my own brand, where do I start?"

This is such a loaded question but I always say to get very clear on why you want to start a "brand" and to make sure you even know what that is LOL. To me, a brand is an all encompassing business that sells product, provides a service, is recognizable by others and has me feeling some kind of way. A brand has it all and it takes skill, time and a lot of brain power to create one (more on this topic here).

Ask yourself: What's your thing? Is there someone else doing your thing but you think it could be done better and why? For me, I always knew I wanted my own business but never expected it to become what it is now and that is 100% a brand. I never tried to force anything too soon and always led with my heart when working on my business. My advice is to work backwards. You want to start a brand...start sharing what you love or what you're selling and put some thought and emotion into it and don't stop. Doing this will help you see what's resonating with your clients/followers and you can go from there.

QUESTION 2: "I like texting my clients but I'm so over taking late night demands...should I do online booking?"

YES YES YES. My passion runs deep for delegating and this is the first thing you can delegate out for pennies. One, your clients will buck up and show you they're committed. 2. Outsiders will take your business more seriously. 3. You have more free time. If you are texting your clients, please stop. And if you're considering having your own business, please get online booking right out the gate. I share what platform I used here.

QUESTION 3: "I want to make my own shirts, where should I start ?"

Always ask why first, then how! Why do you want to do your own shirts? Who will buy them? Are you selling to thin air or do you have people that want them? How are you marketing? Is it a passion project or something you want to take seriously?

THEN, you'll want to start to think about the how: First, find the shirts themselves and get a good graphic designer. Next you'll need a screen printer and you'll need to know if they package and seal and tag. What's their pricing? This is just the tip of the iceberg if I'm being honest. This question is a whole blog post by itself but the point is that you can't just print a shirt and expect sales to come. There is a TON of foundational work that needs to be done. 

QUESTION 4: "How to I get more followers?" 

Again, work backwards and figure out the why and then go find like-minded people who want what you want and will listen to what you'll share. Treat it like a relationship. Do your research, remember your followers likes and dislikes, show affection and invest time into building your community. Also, create unique and helpful content based on who your following is. Look around for inspo (like on Pinterest!) but be true to you. It's way too exhausting trying to be anyone else. Also...follow through. About 10% of you will actually read what I write or listen to what I say and YOU are the difference. 

QUESTION 5: "I'm burnt out and want to pull out of my treatment room but am scared to lose clients - what should I do?"

The worst thing you can do is burn yourself at both ends and too quickly. If you are divided between work and a passion project, I truly feel like the only way you can be all in with one is to be ALL IN. It took me 6 years to back out of my room and give my full attention to my online business. Was I scared? Hell yes. I couldn't fathom that I could support myself without clients but I could feel my insides dying and my brain becoming more and more fried and I had to choose. I could not sustain splitting my energy into two very demanding areas of my business. You can read more about my story in this post, but I've said it once and I'll say it a million times, you have to think about your WHY and what's best for YOU!

Also want to add that my podcast, Beauty Biz BFFs, that I do with my friend and fellow beauty biz owner, Kasey, has TONS of resources for beauty industry people looking for answers! Go check it out and thank me later!

I hope this was helpful for anyone who has asked these questions! Ultimately, I can share every last detail of how I built my brand and what goes into creating content and t-shirts, but first I really want to challenge you to figure out your WHY. Once you know that, then it's time to hit the ground running and get to work.


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