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A Few Simple Ways To Declutter Your Service Menu

I talk a lot on the blog and podcast about sticking to a few simple things and doing them well. While also preventing you from burnout, this also allows you to really hone in on your niche in the industry. Today I wanted to share a few ways you can par down your service menu in order to feel more focused and efficient in your business. This can be applied to any stream of income as well, not just in person services.

Write out each service you provide on a piece of paper.

Rank each service 1-10 as follows:

Which makes you the most money, which takes you the most time and which do you enjoy doing the most. (1 being worst/10 being best).

Based on this ranking, place your services in order from best to worst.

Are there any you can immediately cut out after doing this?

This is something I do quarterly to check in with myself and what I’m spending my time on. It’s a good reminder to not get sidetracked with services that keep you from doing what you actually enjoy (and hopefully what makes you the most $$).

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, burnout, unsure what your niche is or like your business isn't running as efficiently as it could, you can book a one-on-one call with me here, under "business". I'm always here to support and encourage you to be the best businesswoman you can be! 


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