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Dear Diary: A Week in My Life

If you've read Refinery29 then you know they have a diary section on their site where people walk you through their mundane week or share how they live in a city on a certain salary-when Abbi (my new right hand woman) reminded me of this concept...we immediately decided we should try something like this on the blog. IG highlights are fun but what I want to know is what someone is ACTUALLY doing with their life when they're not on social media. What recipes did they try, what TV shows are they into-did they have a bad day? I documented my week to try it out and realized it was pretty uneventful but in the best way possible-2020 confirmed I don't like making plans, setting my alarm or dressing up for work...and I LOVE getting to eat breakfast at home. 


Guess who hasn't set their alarm since the pandemic? THIS GIRL...but today is the launch of the new website and our spring collection so I made sure to get up and actually shower. I met my new hire Abbi at the office and crossed my fingers that the launch would go as planned-Honestly...I was nervous. I hadn't put too much energy into anything new since my Birthday (thank you pregnancy) and I also had a cup of coffee that spiked my anxiety-Nespresso is insane. Can we all agree it's been EXTRA hard finding that motivation to keep the wheels moving?


I make a smoothie almost every morning but decided to google "low sugar healthy smoothie" to find a new recipe because I'm pretty positive adding all the fruit and OJ isn't actually healthy and I read to avoid a ton of sugar in the morning so you don't crash mid day. ( common sense but sometimes need to read to remember) This is the recipe I've used all week for a low sugar avocado blueberry smoothie. It's mild and creamy and strangely really delicious. This smoothie was the highlight of my day.

Abbi is my new right hand woman! She knows all things Pinterest, Social media, Shopify and analytics-basically she will work on the things that are foreign to #'s and data. We can't do it all-seriously though. Having your hands in 20 hot pots and expecting yourself not to get burned is just idiotic. Running a business solo is fun until you crash- there is strength in understanding you need help-since last year I have been in transition and trying to find someone to help me "look ahead" and not just assist me in my business-if you are taking clients full time...think about finding someone who can handle all the things you can't so you can keep enjoying what you're doing and for much longer. 



I've mentioned on IG that I've been loving my Wednesdays for coaching calls-it makes me feel like I'm back in the "treatment room". I miss the structure of taking clients and knowing what your day looks like ahead of time. When my business transitioned-it happened right when the world shut down and I had a feeling I'd eventually stop taking clients but it felt like it was ripped away from me and now it's been over a year of ZERO in person clients and I feel that void. But do I open that gate of letting clients back in when my GOAL was to eventually not have them? Ever battle with yourself when you actually set a goal and achieve that goal? This is what I wanted..but I also miss what I once had. Back to online clients-it gives me that purpose I once had and allows me to get that one on one connection I've been missing so much! By the way....if you're reading this and are feeling stuck about any part of your business or life-I can promise I can help and we can talk out any struggles you're going through. 


Decided to finally organize my bathroom-I used to spend so much time organizing my business and realized one day my home organization was suffering a bit. I rarely took the time to do anything for "myself" or my house- my business stuff always came first. Finding my "person" and then being home for a year in 2020 really helped me re-evaluate my priorities and made me realize I wanted to spend more time at home....doing stuff like organizing my skincare LOL. Anyone else?


My baby HOOPS is ONE. I didn't make him a cake because he has a sensitive stomach and I wasn't about to clean up after him all night. Typing that makes me cringe. We've now come to terms with the fact that he's a vegetarian LOL. I wish my day was more exciting but actually I take that back because sitting in my robe with my golden retriever is pretty awesome and fulfilling. 


Perfected a Mint Mojito iced coffee just like the one at Philz Coffee but with half the sugar. If you haven't been to a Philz their Mint Mojito coffee is a must try. If you don't have one near you-make my recipe instead.

-Vanilla Coconut Collagen, Coffee, vanilla coconut milk. a few mint leaves and blend. I'm telling you-it's the perfect coffee on a warm day. Go on and impress your friends with this one. 


29 weeks pregnant and I still don’t believe it. Things I’ve been eating-fruit and tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. I thought when you are pregnant the earth shatters but it doesn’t ....or hasnt for me. I’ve forgotten I’m pregnant for the most part but have lost sight of my vagina which is a gentle reminder that yes-something is different. I’ve had a ton of energy but panic is beginning to set in that I don’t have any diapers yet. Luckily Amazon prime exists. I wonder what my daughter will look like and if I will breast feed or pump and how that will work.

Do I need a crib for my office? Why are there 270 stroller options? Why does everyone tell you what they think you need? I’ve chosen to put my blinders on and do me...for my daughter. It’s how I built my business and what works for me. I just can’t be bothered with outside noise. I also know my Mom had me at 19 and raised me on her own and I think I came out fine lol. I do worry my business won’t be as big of a priority for me as it once has-I’ve also accepted that things change and am ready to put energy into something that doesn’t revolve around me. I’m happy that I am 36 and at a place in my life where I am pretty over myself LOL but I want to make sure my business is as organized as it can be so I can take some weeks off. Is anyone else reading in my same boat? DM me or shoot me an email 

 This wraps up my diary for the week-maybe I should have Abbi do one next?


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