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Monday motivation tips for Lash Artists

Whether you're running your own business or working for someone else, Mondays can be hard. Here are a few tips that help me not want to crawl in a hole first thing in the morning...

+Pick out your outfit the night before. This small step will actually help you get a little creative with what you're wearing. I usually end up pairing something together I wouldn't have if I was in a rush. 

+Pack a lunch and drink water. This saves time, money and keeps you healthy. I love waking up knowing I have snacks ready to go. I love a stocked fridge and I need to be grazing at all times and you cannot be a productive human if you are hungry or thirsty. I personally love Tupperware with small sections for food and it makes it more fun to eat. (you know how kids have those plates where everything is organized on their plate? I love that so much and have no problem eating the same way in my adult life) Mixed berries, trail mix, turkey wraps, protein bars (I love GoMacro, Kids Cliff bars and yes, CANDY are things I love that help me power through the day. I need snacks to function.

+ Be mindful of what you need to get through the day. What does that look like? Is it your favorite coffee while you get ready or the tv on in the background while you answer emails? Do you need more time to charge up or are you an out the door and on the go kind of girl? Pay attention to what works for you. I personally know that I need 9 hours of sleep and I stopped apologizing for it after years of feeling guilty for it. My Mom had to drag me out of bed on Christmas morning. It's in my blood. You know what you need to be your best self and you don't have to explain it to anyone. As long as you're getting your job done, ignore people who have an opinion about how you run your life.

+Write down 5 things you HAVE to do like check emails, plan out a social media post, check your inventory, sign up for that lash class you've been eyeing and make business cards. Typically the 5 things are the things that HAVE to get done before anything else moves. As Lash Artists our days look different and things are constantly being added to our to our lists. It can send me into a panic when I think of what I want to do and have to do and narrowing it down helps.

+Make another list for long term to-dos and don't even look at it until everything else above is done. You can make these lists in your notes section of your phone (my boyfriend keeps one running list and I am very into the simplicity of that) or in google calendars you can set reminders that end up looking like a to-do list. Once its done you can mark it as done.

+Music is so important to me and I love listening to the "Dearlashlove" playlist and getting to work. You can also throw it on while you're lashing for some serious mellow lashing vibes.


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