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Why You Have to Have a Blog for Your Lash or Beauty Business + Tips to Start

Has anyone else seen the TV commercial that's on repeat right now where they say “Start a blog!”?? It’s now a running joke in our house to “get creative and start a blog or write a book”. Like a pandemic is just the PERFECT time to do this (according to the commercial). I think it's supposed to be uplifting but kind of had the opposite effect on me since it's all famous people in their mansions telling you to stay safe LOL. It's like, hey, the world is absolutely insane and going through shit none of us have ever seen but like, start a blog. After all, it's such a good time to get creative! 🙄 

OK, but on a more serious note, whether the time is now or later, I do believe blogging LEGITIMATELY helps your business and even your creativity. I’ve personally always had a thing for writing. I’m very into reading, poetry and use to journal a ton as a kid. And I am 100% the girlfriend that loves to write love notes. Did I mention English was always my best subject (math, not so much) and I crushed spelling bees as a kid? Is this you, too? Maybe it's not and that's OK, too because a blog isn't just about being a good writer. A blog is really just another resource to provide for current and potential customers. 

To be honest, I always saw myself blogging (years ago - before it was a career) but never really knew what I would talk about, so having a blog on my site feels like a full-circle moment for me. I feel like I have a true purpose for sharing and that's to teach you what I know and what's worked for me.

If you've still got questions and feel totally overwhelmed about this whole blogging thing though, I want to break down specifically why you need a blog for your business. Don't worry, I will keep it pretty simple so it feels actionable and gets you excited about starting.

It's a resource for your clients

First and foremost, a blog is a place to send your clients when they have questions or you find yourself answering the same ? over and over again. It doesn't need to be fancy but it should be informative. I suggest sitting down and writing out all the things people are constantly asking you (if you're taking clients or if you're active on social and have a community to answer to). From there, plug those topics into your blog and start answering. Now you have a place to send anyone asking questions! And the best part? This "place" is your website! This means after they're done reading your blog post, maybe they'll do some shopping or book a service. 


People all over the world can type in "lash cleanser" (or insert something specific to your industry) and if you've got a blog about it and you're sharing it, there's a chance someone entirely new will see it and make a purchase! You have to stop thinking about ONLY serving your local community and the people that can come into your studio, especially if you're selling products online!

Diversify your content

I started my business out on IG and from there it blew up, but had I known better, I may have diversified my content platforms a lot sooner to start reaching people that are not on IG. The more places you have to share what you know, the better (best part is you can rinse and repeat and share the same stuff to every platform like a blog, FB, Pinterest, in a newsletter, etc.).

It can help show your personality/brand

I believe a blog is a great place to show personality and a chance to tap into a creative side we don't typically get to play with when we're in our lash rooms, behind a chair at a salon, etc. Blogging is actually therapeutic for me and a way to go a little deeper with my community. And it's much less intimidating than posting videos of yourself if you're just starting out (in my opinion).

I think all of these reasons are true, but TBH I keep going back to exposure. I think so many of you underestimate the power of a good blog or feel like you're "not there yet" and my best advice is it's never too soon. I wish I would have taken my own advice years ago. Being a Beauty Professional gives us a leg up on most; we have so much to share and it's backed by education and years of experience doing something most people haven't. 

Now, to really help you get started, here are some things you can literally do RIGHT NOW to get your blog going:

Beginning Tips for Blogging

 - Make a list focused on who your customer is. If you want more lash, hair, nail (whatever it is!) clients, write to cater to them. Blogging should be selfless so make your content is all about the customer/your followers and always, ALWAYS add value to your product or service.

- Don't put too much pressure on yourself and try to do everything at once. My best work is when I'm not time crunching to get it done.

- Once you know more about WHO you're blogging for, think about the WHAT. Come up with some topic ideas and then make a decision about visuals (what image will go with the post, on IG, etc.). Once you have a few, or even just one, go take the picture you're envisioning in your mind. If you need inspo for visuals, Pinterest is my #1 resource every single time!

- Last, but one of the most important things, commit to it. Once you start, try your hardest to be consistent. Pick a number of posts/week - 1, 3, 5 - whatever it is, and stick to it!

If you've been thinking about blogging or need more help with this you can always email me HERE. I love to help women like you reading my own blog sift through their insecurities or questions about it. We also recorded a great in-depth episode on my podcast about this so if you're more of a book on tape kind of girl you can listen HERE

Also...if you like to work and listen to music save my favorite playlist to get you in the mood. 



Shante - January 19, 2021

Just want I needed to hear. Thank you.

Nicole Barnes - September 26, 2020

Loved this post! It has inspired me to bite the bullet and start one myself! Thanks for all your tips!

Brionna Moore - August 22, 2020

Thanks for the great tips! I currently listen in every Tuesday to hear the podcast. I loved listening in on why your business should have a blog. I’ve recently started my blogging journey during quarantine with the help of my brother pushing me and so far so good. I have 3 blog posts and by the end of the month I will have 4. My goal is to have a new blog post once a month but eventually have them twice a month. Thanks so much for continuing to motivate and encourage women like myself.

My IG: @Nailsdown.under

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