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Lorena's Favorite Coffee Recipes + Accessories

My love for the right kind of coffee now runs deep but coffee wasn't actually a part of my daily routine until I found the right way to make it... rich, creamy and extra frothy. I typically get way too jittery drinking coffee though so I usually stick with an iced or hot chai, but adding my secret ingredient to coffee kicks some of the caffeine and fills me up right when I wake up.


I'm also not big on spending $10 on a coffee or wasting my money at Starbucks because I know most of what they add in is sugar and too much milk. You guys love when I share my "collagen coffee" on IG so I figured I'd dedicate an entire blog to sharing the recipe and what I use. The trick to this is a few things but mostly BLENDING everything together then topping with foam!


Here's everything you need:


  • Brew your coffee straight into your Nutri Bullet
  • Add one scoop of collagen 
  • Splash of unsweetened almond milk
  • Add a few drops of pure maple syrup if you want to sweeten
  • Froth your creamer or milk separately 
  • Pour blended coffee in your mug or over ice and top with foam from your frothed creamer
  • Add a straw for iced versions and prepare to never leave home before having one of these!
For a dirty chai, simply add Tazo Chai concentrate to blended coffee!

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