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Retail Tips For Beauty Pros

Selling retail in your treatment room is one of the best and easiest ways to make extra income. Clients need products to maintain their services, and you as a certified beauty professional have the inside scoop. When you have a product that isn't selling, it can be frustrating, but keep in mind that doing a few things to spice up your retail space can make your products feel fresh, new and exciting again. Adding plants, candles, vases and other filler items to your shelves adds height, dimension and warmth to the space. Accessorize! 

Don’t forget to lead your clients to your retail area every single appointment. Don’t assume they know where it is, or what products they should be looking for. 

Make sure you are educated about the products you are selling, and can tell your clients what they do and why they need them. 

Don't be afraid to ask your clients what they need and what their concerns are. This shows them that you are attentive to their needs and helps you offer better products for them.

Test a product you love on them! Showing is always better than telling. 

Finally- remember that you are not not selling, you're doing them a solid favor.... because they need do what you’re selling ;)

For more on passive income, check out this blog. Be sure to also check out the podcast for more on how I started selling products. If you're interested in selling Dear Lash + Love in your space, send us an email at for wholesale info!


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