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Sh*t They Don’t Teach You in Beauty School and tips to get through it

Sh*t they don't teach you in school was so popular on my IG that I wanted to turn it into a blog post. It's laughable all the things you still have to figure out on your own/through experience to even do your basic job, which is why I wanted to write today's post. There's a lot  of sh*t they don't teach you in beauty school (or just school in general, no matter what profession you're in), so if you're newly graduated or just trying to figure a few things out, hopefully this makes you feel better and puts things into perspective. (To be clear, though...the best and most rewarding part of learning is just that...figuring it out on your own.) 

PS - If you have any specific questions about these things, feel free to email me, book a consultation with me or just search my podcast or the blog for more info!

+ You probably won’t find your dream job immediately
I wrote about my journey to getting where I am today in this post and I talk all about the jobs I worked before getting licensed, what post-grad life was like for me and so much more. My tip is to definitely go work for someone first. You will learn so much about BTS of a business, how to manage client expectations, systems and procedures and just dealing with other people's energy. It's like growing up with siblings or other people around. It keeps you from becoming a selfish a**hole. Show up and do the dirty work, go above and beyond and take out the trash. 

+ You might end up doing something different than what you went to school for and that’s ok!⁣
Heading into school, you probably have an idea of how you think your story is going to go but chances are life has something else in store for you. My advice: Be open to all possibilities and don't fight it when you're being led in a different direction than you planned. Pay attention to what you naturally gravitate towards. If something doesn't fit; don't walk away just yet...change up what you're doing and go from there. 

+ Being an “owner” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and doesn’t make you successful⁣⁣
Being a salon owner doesn't equal success. If you're happy renting a room or a chair from someone else, don't let what you see other people doing make you feel like that's what you should be doing too. Think about WHY you want to be an "Owner" and does being one match your lifestyle or your future desires? Being and Owner means it never ends "you're not working 9-5 and you work way more than that because your brain is constantly working and thinking of new things" (Thanks @tanningbyjenny)

+ Clients are hard to get and you should treat them as such ⁣⁣
Take nothing for granted and always show appreciation because there are lots of talented lash girls, estheticians, hairstylists, etc. out there these days. Get your hands on as many clients as you can and be GRACIOUS when you get them. Treat your clients like GOLD. Show up smiling and happy and if you're not happy...go get happy. Follow up, remember birthdays and names. DRESS TO IMPRESS. Find your style in and out of work and allow that to bleed into everything you do...this will eventually lead to branding which we can get into later ;)

 + How to pay your taxes ⁣⁣

I'm not qualified to give you any more tax advice other than if you don't know how to do it, pay a professional to teach you or do it for you but what helped me start to get in the habit of setting aside money was immediately setting up a business checking account and then opening a savings. Take all payments professionally and have them deposited into that account then on Sundays after your last client or after you wrap up your week make an automatic transfer into your other account for taxes, savings for supplies and growing your business. Make this a top priority! 

as you can see, my tips are simple and just what have worked for me and others I aspire to be like in my career. They are kind of no BS tips that are easy and effective. 

 Hope this helps! xx




Dalia - October 26, 2020

This is exactly what I needed to read right now!! Thank you!!

Priscilla - September 12, 2020

Hello! Can you guide us with consent forms, how can we digitally send out , and where can we get them from?

Megan - September 11, 2020

Amen to this!

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