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My favorite collagen coffee recipe

My most asked question by you is now here so you will never have to ask me again!

As a Lash Artist, I found myself always getting a $7 + coffee I never really liked and  hundreds of dollars later I was still pissed at the Starbuck's employee for pouring way too much milk in my drink. I finally started experimenting at home because 1. I was wasting money and 2. wanted to control my caffeine intake. Now I rarely buy a coffee unless it's a special occasion. I even went as far as getting a coffee maker at my studio to kick the habit of buying out. I then took this a step further and mathematically broke it down to about $2.75 per coffee compared to $7+. Hello savings !! Don't tell me you can't afford lashes because now you can.

This recipe can be tweaked to your liking but the KEY ingredient is COLLAGEN.   Let me tell you why I love collagen and why you need it.

-It makes any hot drink CREAMY and can be used in place of a creamer.

-It's so good for skin and nails 

-There's protein in it which means you're not just drinking caffeine but adding fuel to your drink to start the day. This keeps me full longer which means less snacking. 

What you'll need:

+ big ass mug and I like mine wide.

+ blender (I use The Magic Bullet because its small and portable)

+ coffee or tea of your choice *I bought a Nespresso machine and have to say it's the bougiest purchase I've ever made and the coffee tastes incredible. After it brews it leaves a topper of foam that just elevates this coffee like no other AND it's still cheaper than buying out. Clients and guests notice good coffee. I also love chai tea and get a premade mix that I add hot water to then add all other ingredients.

+ Your favorite collagen and these are my two: Vanilla Oat Creamer from Care Of Vitamins (use code BIZ50 for 50% off your order) Vital proteins Vanilla Coconut tastes great and they both blend well so you'll have the creamiest drink you've ever tasted. Prepare to impress people with this secret weapon. 

+ Milk substitute : I don't f*ck with milk. I choose almond or oat. 


make the base of your drink (coffee or tea) and pour into your blender. Add one scoop of protein and a splash of almond or oat milk and BLEND. Pour into your big ass mug and get ready to never buy a coffee ever again. 





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