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What I'm Thankful For This Year

What a year...for everyone. First I have to say I’m so thankful for every friendship I’ve made because of Dear Lash + Love. I truly had no idea what it would become but the community has made it easy to want to continue and has pushed me daily to keep motivated.

What I value most about my business is that it’s a landing point for so many to share the hopes and fears and to feel like they can celebrate being themselves. Of course, I love creating cool products and clothes for you but what really fuels me is listening to your stories, helping you through a business struggle and just connecting with like minded women. If you’re struggling - I’m here. My advice is usually very simple and never too complicated and it always involves trusting your gut. 

Beyond work, I'm thankful for my spinal disc replacement! It sounds crazy but it came at a time when I was feeling seriously pulled in two directions. I didn’t know how to serve my clients and this community at the same time anymore. I felt like I was bursting and overworked. In March it forced me stop taking clients and when the pandemic hit I was recovering and like so many of you, I had to switch gears quickly because I was losing money and clients at a crazy speed. If you’ve felt like this then you know the power of a physical roadblock like an injury to make you seriously reevaluate your life. Pay attention to the signs your body is throwing at you and don’t forget to stretch. 

With all of that said, I'm thankful for the struggle we all faced together this year. It feels like we really got to finally be ourselves in a world that is constantly showing you how amazing and filtered things are. Finally we were on the same playing field, am I right? Big and small businesses suffered, everyone was scared and we were all in it together and still are.

We all knew what it felt like to feel like you could lose it all and I saw so many of you completely come out of your shell and dig deep to anchor your business even more than before. It has made us all stronger in so many ways. I know it’s hard but if you can focus on the clients you have now and at at least continue a relationship with them through emails, notes and social it will remind them that you’re still there. Cultivate the relationships you have now and worry on creating more later. 

I’m thankful for the beauty industry. It gives us so much opportunity for creativity to flow and friendships to be formed. We’ve proven you CAN share the wealth and knowledge and still be successful. You can be an esthetician turned lash artist turned creative director and owner just by getting your license! If you’re feeling stuck, dig deep for that part of what you do that you love so much and keep giving that part your energy. Don't try to do it all though. Just pay attention to what brings you joy and makes your insides warm (you know that feeling - you’ll figure it out when you’re ready)!

And finally, I'm thankful for my fiancé. He doesn’t read my blogs and I actually prefer that, but he’s pushed me mentally to sit with myself; to be more positive and has brought out a happier side of myself that was always there waiting to shine. He’s logical when I need it and a calming presence that has allowed me to relax. Because of him I’ve learned how to be better at doing one thing at a time and enjoying my personal life more because work should not define me (or you). 

Do you have someone in your life like this? Pay attention to your relationships. How do people make you feel? Are you your best self? Do you like who you are? In a world where we all want so much, what do you already have that you're grateful for? Ask yourself these questions when you’re feeling stuck or even when you’re happy. Check in. Do not settle. It sounds cheesy but you should be in love with your life. You deserve it. 


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