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Why Having A Blog Is Worth It

This week on the podcast, I break down why having a blog is helpful to your business and how I've used blogging for my own business. Having several forms of marketing and communication with your audience is so important. Think of everything you put out there like you're casting a net- the wider the net, the more people you'll bring back to your site and your business. I share a product launch on my social media, my blog, my newsletter, and my podcast, and I've reached twice the amount of people I would have with just an Instagram post. 

Blogs are also an amazing and easy way to boost your SEO. SEO, if you don't know, is Search Engine Optimization, or where your content ranks on a search engine like Google. If you were to google "tips for beauty pros", you'd likely come across my content. Ideally, if a potential client were to google "lash artists in my area", you'd want them to find your page easily. Think of SEO as another way to widen that net! 

Another use for blogging is linking back to your products, service menu, etc. to turn those eyes on your blog into $$$. I always try to include links to my coaching, podcast, or products in blogs to make the user experience easier! 

It's also been essential to my business to get the most bang out of my buck for my content. So when I share a tip on IG, I might flesh it out and turn it into a blog post. Recycling and spreading content is an amazing tool I've always kept in my back pocket to keep from getting burnt out. 

Lastly- working on my blog is fun! It gets my creative juices flowing and lets me talk about whatever I want. I enjoy doing it, it's a way for me to connect with my audience, and helps build my brand. 

If you have questions or your own tips for someone thinking about starting a blog, drop them below! 👇





Jamie Brown - January 14, 2023

Love this advice! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

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