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10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

OK, since I've been getting a little more personal on the blog I figured I'd share some random things you definitely don't know that will help you get to know me better. I always says people love the people behind brands and I am no exception. I hope this list makes you laugh, gives you insight into who I am and is fun for you to read.

+ I grew up in the Bay Area for the first 8ish years of my life and then made my way down south and eventually ended up in San Diego where I lived with my best life in my 20s (I lived on my own for many of those years working in restaurants and nightclubs and feel like I LIVED it...responsibly). I always joke with one of my girlfriends that we were responsible train wrecks and always somehow had our sh*t together when most certainly didn't.

I've moved as many times as I am old (35), which is insane to type out. I'm not an army brat just a girl who moved a TON. I went to three high schools and it honestly traumatized me LOL. I was always making new friends and while I was able to quite easily, I never felt fully IN each group I was a part of. Everyone always had history I couldn't compete with. 

+ My biological dad is Hispanic and my mom is a mix of Scottish, Danish and all those Scandinavian countries I can't remember (I've had a great tan since I was born which is why I'm obsessed with being tan and finding the best bronzers). I am part of a very blended family that I'm so proud of; four younger sisters and one brother (I was an only child until I was 14? But grew up around my 6 cousins often).

+ I've been into fashion since I can remember. My grandma's favorite story to tell me is me asking her before I would get dropped off at pre-school if I "match". I have always cared about clothing and how I dress but I'm overall very low maintenance and live in jeans and tees. I've evolved into spending money on pieces I'll wear forever but also love a good bargain. 

+ I'm more of a throw sh*t in a bowl and cook it that way kind of girl than a recipe follower. I like to make up my own recipes and just mix together things I like. I guess I don't like to follow others rules but more so appreciate gentle guidance ;) With that said, I do have a few favorite cookbooks I shared in this post.

+ I'm not a planner. I don't have a five year plan. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I don't have a calendar for my life. I'm very go with the flow because honestly, I'm used to no structure. It's how my life was growing up - ever-changing and I'm kind of the same. I can now appreciate feeling settled into a happy and healthy relationship and not feeling like I have to chase work to survive but it's taken years of development and some therapy. 

+ I didn't go to college. I dropped out of fashion school and accidentally stumbled upon esthetics school at 26. I took out loans to get through school, had credit card debt and scraped by to graduate and was not at a point in my life where I even knew what I wanted to do so I picked what sounded fun (more on my story here). I say this because it's more normal for people to NOT know what they want out of life. For me, I was always a hard worker and successful and ruthless in getting what I wanted so I knew whatever I chose, would work. I have never doubted my choices, ever. 

+ I'm a true Aquarius. When I fall in love I will follow my feelings until I am restricted or feel like I'm losing myself. I need independence, change, connection. I have a cool exterior (which has softened as I've gotten older because making people feel good is something I thrive off of) but am so sensitive. I hate letting people down, don't know how to say no and have let friends trample me by overpowering my relaxed nature. If I'm rattled, it's usually not obvious. I cry A LOT. I hate seeing people get hurt in movies and seeing kids suffer. I feel it all. 

+ I was raised by my mom who took me to school so she could get through college and did whatever she could to raise me. It wasn't easy for her or for me but I know it made me so resilient. I know I can get through anything on my own and while I feel safe enough to depend on my now fiancé (YAY) I will still always feel that need and desire to do more to take care of myself.

+ I used to take skincare + lash clients full time six years ago. I worked Tuesday- Saturday 10-5. I built my clientele within a few years and was crushing my body doing this. I was the "rule" (slamming clients, not eating, not honoring my cancellation policy) and then decided to be the exception and do things my way. I started honoring my business and fine tuning the back end. I then created Lash + Love Apparel which is now Dear Lash + Love because I was obsessed with books about passive income and didn't see myself taking clients full time forever. I wanted to create something I could sell in my sleep and initially it was for my clients then I realized I could make other artists like me my customers and sell to them.

Lash clothing + accessories were NOT a thing in 2015 and I truly can say I created it and turned it into a full blown brand. I stopped lashing in 2020 before COVID hit and can say I am doing my dream job. Don't ask me what it is though because I can't even explain what I do half the time LOL but I'd say I do product development, creative directing, marketing, branding and blog. For now :)

+ Along my journey, finding my partner for life was the single most important thing to me. I refused to settle and I also got very specific and clear about what I was looking for and a feeling I knew existed. I was always passionate about finding the best person for me. I think this can also apply to business. Be relentless, invested, passionate, determined and clear about what you want and go get it. Don't settle but be realistic about what you need and want. 

I hope you enjoyed this! I'd love to get to know you better so tell me something I don't know below! xx



Michelle Glo - January 14, 2021

Thank you for being you and for all that you do! I absolutely relate with the movies and with being “relentless”. Cheers to a beautiful year ahead!

westbrowcare - December 17, 2020

this was great! very refreshing and real.

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