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Motherhood + Business: Embracing Changes To Your Business

As corny as it might sound, the end of the year is the perfect time to press pause and reflect on what you've done, what you've learned, and how you've changed over the last 12 months. My life and my business have changed so much in the year and a half since I became a mom, and the constant push and pull between work and home life is still something I struggle with every day. I'm so grateful to be in a position where I can be at home and not miss a single thing- but I do miss the days of hustling and spending late nights in the office. This year, as I've gotten a little more into the groove of being a working mom, the biggest lesson I've learned is to embrace the change rather than fight it. It's not always easy, but I've accepted the fact that my business is going to look different for a while. I know that the days of having little ones at home are numbered, and eventually I might shift back into working 50+ hours a week; but for now, I'm embracing the change. If you're in a similar boat, or considering having kids while running your own business, I want to share the biggest bullet point lessons I've taken away from this year:

+When you have kids, the amount of time you have to give to your business changes

+You might feel scattered at times. Your mind is not just for your business- now, it’s consumed by family thoughts as well.

+Your priorities change- you might just care less or more about things than you did before

+Unless you have full time child care, you just don’t have the time to mess around like before. Even with childcare, things can change- kids get sick.

For me it took until she was a year to figure out my new normal, and it still changes constantly. My business isn’t the same, but what I’m doing feels more meaningful because I'm not wasting time filling my day with too many things to do. I'm more grounded and focused, but do absolutely miss the extra creative time I used to have.


When I posted about this topic on IG, here's what you had to say:


@marissa.aurabeautyco - This made me tear up. I relate so much & I am also struggling with this tug of war. It’s almost like a grieving feeling of “missing” your “old self” being at work & hustling & being creative… but loving & appreciating every second of your new chapter. Such a crazy feeling.
@skincreationsbylisa - 🙌now that there is a little one in your life you will realize how fas time goes by! Cherish every milestone ❤️
@akilashes - Yesss!! Please continue to write more about this. Such a struggle being an entrepreneur and trying to figure out how to balance motherhood with everything.
If you're a working mom, what's the biggest lesson you've learned from trying to balance it all? If you're struggling to keep it together, know that you are not alone and I'm here to help! Schedule a one-on-one call with me and we can work together to put systems in place to keep your business running smoothly while you focus on your family. You might not be able to do it all on your own, but I truly believe that you can have both ❤️
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