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One of my most-asked questions on a weekly basis is where something in my studio is from. I love that you guys are constantly trying to up your own studio spaces and I'm very happy to share everything I can - even if it's not exactly a "lash studio" anymore. Also, I did put a post together a few months back all about studios that are killing the aesthetics game, if you need more inspo. And don't forget about Pinterest. I go crazy over there so you're bound to find some bomb inspiration.

I linked the items I get questions on the most below. Things like my pink couch, a good fake plant, these cute pillows, a pink mini fridge (so necessary), a cool but affordable light fixture and more! I try pretty hard to keep all of this stuff on the affordable side so if you're ballin' on a budget, you should find a lot of stuff that works!

To shop, just hover over the image you want to look at it and click!



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