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Apps, Filters & Story Stickers I'm Loving Right Now

Good branding involves story telling, and sometimes you need the help of a cozy filter to set the mood. I love to use filters less for "filtering" but more for enhancing what I'm sharing. I'm not trying to give off the impression that I look one way when I don't- I simply love filters for creativity and making my IG stories look more captivating and filters DO kind of allow you to be an amateur videographer LOL 

IG filters I currently like to use:

Subtle Summer Filters
Endless Summer
A Little Sparkle and Tan
Cute Cappuccino 

I use very few apps for my business- but the ones that I do use, I use often and these are the ones that get used on repeat:

Tezza -  for subtle color edits and different filters
Tailwind - for scheduling IG + Pinterest
UNUM - for visualizing your feed before posting
Canva - for creating quick graphics
Over - another graphic app
InShot - for editing videos with ease

IG Story Stickers are such a fun way to elevate your marketing on IG and add so much flair to what could be an otherwise basic "story". I love to add elements like squiggly lines to break up text or flowers to boost the mood of the post. Again---story telling with visuals and graphics helps!

For my favorite IG story stickers, type in:

Pink lines
White lines
Create and cultivate 

Hope these tips help---- be sure to also check out this blog on making cute graphics with Canva and this one about my one-on-one coaching for further guidance on social media!



Jaimie Esau - June 15, 2021

you offer so much FREE knowledge, its insane!!! I cannot thank you enough for the impact you’ve made on my esthetician journey- from listening to beauty biz before I even had the thought of going into this as a career, to keeping up with your content while I was in school (and starting to build my biz then with your social media advice) to now already having clients while only working with my work permit (waiting for my license in the mail)!!! You have helped my success so much and I soak up every piece you put out there- THANKYOU!!!

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