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Best Lash Tips for Someone Just Starting Out

There is an endless number of things you can do to up your lash game/beauty business - like continuing your education by taking courses and launching a blog for your biz. And even just reading blogs like mine and always keeping a finger on the pulse of what's going on in the industry is key! But if you're someone who is just starting out and really needs a few basic and super tangible tips for lashing, I have some amazing ideas listed out below from legit artists. If you have something to add, drop it in the comments so we can all see it!
  1. Look off into the distance every 5-10 minutes! Your eyes being so focused on something so close can start to cause headaches! Also, use that time to roll your shoulders back several times and readjust your position! - @bloomingbeautykc

  2. Tape is your best friend, use it to access any hard to reach lashesWhen flustered, take a deep breath - we all start from the bottom and work our way up! - @blendedbeautybyaustin
  3. Start off with mixed trays, THEN buy single length packs of your most used! This way you’re prepared for anything and aren’t wasting money on lengths you’ll never touch.  -@moonbeambeautyco

  4. Don’t be afraid to ask your client to scootch closer, turn their head to one side or the other. For the sake of your neck/back and to get all those hard to reach lashes! - @thelashstep

  5. When starting out, set your prices where you want them and have your policies in place to set client expectations. I’m so glad I did this and implemented a booking site as well! - @thebeautystandard_la
As for my own personal lash tips for someone just starting out:
  1. I don’t care if you feel it’s too soon...immediately set up a business bank account and make sure all business income goes into this account. 
  2. Have a landing page for clients to see your work whether it’s a website, IG or FB. 
  3. Have business cards ready. There’s something about handing someone a physical card that feels old school and personal. 
  4. Focus on your lashing and lash anyone and everyone. Do not think you’re above giving out free services. You need to build muscle memory and the only way to get better is by touching as many lashes as possible. 
  5. Have an account for product, education + taxes and always be saving for your business. 
  6. Aim to be the full package. This means looking, acting and being the part. Be the trendsetter, give the best customer service, make your clients' experience special even if it’s with little touches. Make their experience as welcoming as possible. 
  7. Never let your clients see you break. What I mean is yes, we are human but imagine yourself as a leader, the CEO of a major company; someone your clients look up to. They can crumble, not you. With that being said, you don’t have to be a stone cold bitch and can of course show personality. Just remember to set boundaries for how far you’ll take any personal talk. Your clients never want to feel unloaded on. 
  8. Set goals. If you don’t have a goal what are you working for? 
  9. Sell retail and start with selling someone else’s. Practice educating clients and getting comfortable talking with conviction. No one wants to feel sold and no one wants to feel sold by an unsure salesperson. 
  10. If you’re shy, find a way to connect in a way that feels good for you. You don’t have to be the loudest in the room to be noticed. If you’re high energy and extroverted use this time to shine! Remember everyone’s energy is different and you’ll attract what you put out. Get the clients that work for YOU. 
  11. Stay humble. We provide a luxury service. Keep checking in with yourself. Are you giving a luxury experience? 
  12. Be early for your clients. The second you’re late they own you. The second you’re late they think they can be late too. You can’t drop that ball. 
  13. EAT and drink water. 
  14. Find ways to keep it interesting. The service industry is a constant song and dance and sometimes it’s you and sometimes it’s your client that leads. 
  15. Do not spread gossip and do not drop F bombs. Trust me - I love the F word but my clients never heard me say it. Be yourself...just keep the sailor mouth for your friends. 
  16. Study other artists and ask for help. Find a mentor and invest in things you struggle with. 
  17. If you want to be taken seriously you need to take your business seriously. 
  18. Have a comfy bed and a diffuser or candle lit at all times but be mindful of super powerful smells that can be off putting. Also: tampons and mints are office essentials. 
  19. Be inspired by trends but pick colors and branding that YOU like that YOU can keep consistent and that work for you. It’s way too hard to fake something that works for someone else but not for you. 
I started lashing in 2012 until 2018 and my values have still remained the same. These are all tips I carried throughout my business and into helping others. 


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